1/48 F9F - Monogram vs. Hobbycraft ?

Getting ready to build a 1/48 Panther for a friend and I want the best kit possible. I have the old Monogram kit w/ raised panel lines, etc., but the Hobbycraft kit has recessed panel lines. I'm OK with the raised lines as long as the Monogram kit is accurate, etc. Squadron has the Hobbycraft kit on special this month for $10 off. Is it worth getting or will the Monogram do it proud? Opinions please. Thanks.

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D. Wishart
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isn't there a Trumpeter version as well? I probably have that in the stash....


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according to

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the Trumpeter and Hobbycraft kits are / were a "colabrative" effort. they also state trumpeter has "fixed an issue w/ the windscreen", which make one wonder if its "fixed" in the Hobbycraft kit.

there is also mention of having to reshape the intake or use a section of a monogram kit.....

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The big difference is which version you want. Monogram's (Revell's) kit is an F9F-5 with the tall tail and intake fences among other differences, and the Trumpter/Hobbycraft one is an F9F-2/F9F-3 with the short tail and different details.

The Trumpeter molds are more detailed but then again they are 20 years newer, too.

Cookie Sewell

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Thanks for the help. I've read the Trumpeter kit has accuracy issues with the forward canopy, which may or may not have been corrected. The Monogram kit will do fine.

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D. Wishart

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