[Q] Italeri 1/48 Me-262 a1 Schwalbe

Just saw this italeri release at a local shop. Which mould is it a rebox of, and is it any good? How does it compare with the Tamiya release?

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This mold has probably been kitted by more companies than any I can think of at the moment. This started out as the TriMaster kit, then went to DML, also probably boxed under their Shanghai Dragon label. Then Revell Germany I believe boxed this and then Italeri. Heck I just bought the 1/48 Mistel kit from Dragon so it is back in their hands again. I recently bought several of these Italeri boxings as I believe they are very nice kits and the price was right. Monogram's kit is oop and Tamiya is rather pricey. So if you want a nice Me-262 with recessed panel lines and might want to save a few bucks and/or build more than one then go for it. Mind you I have read places that it is not a shake and bake kit but nothing a moderately skilled kit assembler cannot overcome. Have at it. Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

As mentioned, the Italeri kit is the old DML kit. The Tamiya kit's level of detail is a bit better (though not necessarily enough to choose it on that point alone) but where it really shines is in the ease of assembly. The DML kit does not go together easily and needs a fair amount of putty and filing to tidy up, and some of the surface detail is less than best. The Tamiya kit is a true OOB masterpiece and for myself, the extra cost is worth it.

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