Question about Kitech 1:72 Aircraft.

Saw some of these in the local cheap-and-nasty store today, and they looked, well, cheap and nasty - or at least the boxes did. Anyone have any idea what's in them? Cheap-and-nasty rip-offs, good rip-offs, legit re-boxings or something really foul? Thinking of the F117A to do in the new grey scheme, mainly.


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despite really cheap prices, the lack of subjects kept me from trying one. shlobbytowns surplus here is pathetic.

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These are knockoffs of other peoples kits. Trumpeter used to knockoff kits but then suddenly stopped. Or perhaps they just put another name on the box. As soon as Trumpeter "stopped" their knockoff practice and went with new insanely priced kits we had the arrival of Zhengdefu and now Kitech. Funny thing is is these companies all box the same knockoff kit. Anywho some of those Kitechs look really rough while others do not look bad at all. I have never built one so cannot comment on buildability. I recently picked up for some scratchbuilds the

  1. 1/144 F-117/B-2 combo. looks decent
  2. F-111 1/48 scale looks decent with recessed lines origin is perhaps Academy's kit
  3. 1/48 A-10. Very, very rough moldings
  4. 1/48 F-16 looks okay but they copied someones old kit. Has raised panel lines I also a long while back bought some Zhengdefu SU-27's for some Sci-Fi builds. These look okay in the box but I heard they are unbuildable. The SU-27 is also pictured on the side of the KiTech boxes, so you may stumble across those as well. I have four original Academy SU-27's and those will be built for the aircraft collection!

Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

Cheaper and nastier inside. Improving but still rubbish. Beware the box art on the armour, most is ripped off from elsewhere and doesn't represent whats in the box (but can be useful for paint testing and/or technique practice).

Yes, most of them are that.

Yet to find a "good" one.


Don't buy any of them if you seriously want to model. Being generous, they are at best toys and at worst absolute rubbish.

Zhengdefu and Kitech are the same mob, just changed the name to something more English.

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The Raven

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