Question Regarding MRC 1/72 Aircraft Molds

Gents, was hoping someone might have an answer to a question - I've
picked up a couple of 1/72 aircraft in MRC boxes - square boxes not
unlike the old Revell Collector's Choice series in size, but these are
simpler, white background boxes with color illustrations of the
aircraft. I have found a Wildcat and a Dauntless; since then, I've
noticed an Avenger, Helldiver, and Buffalo on Ebay in the same series.
Question - are these unique molds, or are they reboxed from another
manufacturer? The Wildcat has folding wings, which I don't remember
the Airfix Wildcat having, but might be wrong, and I don't currently
have a copy to compare. Anybody remember buying these, and know the
answer? Thanks in advance for any input,
Kansas City
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Chris Schultz
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Those are reboxings of Aoshima kits - the Helldiver and Avenger aren't 1/72 despite what MRC claimed, and none of them are nearly as good as Airfix models..... ;-p
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Al Superczynski
These were Aoshima kits packaged in the US by Model Rectifier Corporation.
The Dauntless, Wildcat, Buffalo and P-36 were 1/72. The Avenger was 1/93, the Helldiver 1/84.
Pretty poor kits, but worth having for their "working features".
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Thanks Al, and thank you, Tom! I appreciate the info.
Chris Kansas City
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Chris Schultz

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