If I make a large list of kits for sale and create packages with
whatever resin/PE/decals/Moskit exhausts go with a particular kit, would
you guys buy the packages or whine if I won't split the packages up?
Don't worry, lots of kits will be stand alone as will some after market
stuff. It will take a couple of weeks to complete the stash sort, my
goal is a 25% RIF for aircraft, 10% RIF for armor, 30-50% RIF for
figures and all 1/700 ships must go.
Some teasers.....Classic Airframes Duck & P-43, AM P-51's, Hase Zeros
(including skeleton), Val and AH-64D, Rev-Mono F-8E's, F-102, F-106, AMY
P-40's & A-20's, combo of HiPm and Meikraft Vindicator (kit bash for the
best bits from each), assorted Tamiya and Italeri armor, loads of DML
figures, a dozen or so 1/700 ships most with PE. PE for air and armor is
mostly Eduard, resin is Cutting Edge, Black Box, Aires and Jaguar, ship
PE mostly Tom's and GMM.
Keep your eyes peeled for a "For Sale" posting in about two weeks.
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in article snipped-for-privacy@rcn.com, Ron at snipped-for-privacy@rcn.com wrote on 6/22/04 1:15 AM:
LOL! Whine...of course.
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Milton Bell
You work for MicroSoft....don't you?
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Greg Heilers
Just post the list. I'll save the whining for when I see the prices... ;-)
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Edwin Ross Quantrall
That'll be a week or two......I'm 3/4 of the way through the aircraft pile and there's 5 stacks of kits 4-5 feet high each in the "to go" pile now.....haven't even started the armor, ships, figures or aftermarket piles.
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