Stuff to sell/swap

E-mail me for payment details and to reserve items, two week maximum reserve time unless you make arrangements at time of initial contact. I do NOT accept Paypal or personal checks.

Stuff to sell or swap (unless otherwise noted all items are complete, unstarted and in original packaging) All prices are a SWAG, reasonable offers considered:

1/72 scale aircraft and decals: Italeri DO24T kit #122 $15 Maintrack Models USN & USAF loviz markings (dry transfers) for A-6, A-7 & EF-111 $5

1/48 scale aircraft and detail sets: Monogram OA-4M, kit 5436 $12 Aires F-104 Starfighter wheel bay set 4103 $6 Aires F-104 Starfighter wheel bay set 4103 $6 Eduard F-86F PE set 48274 $12 Eduard Bf109-G10 Zoom PE set FE104 $5 Eduard TA152-H1 PE set 48224 $12 Hawkeye Designs Bf109-F/G resin cockpit #305 $5 Unknown mfgr Vac Erla Haube canopy with white metal tailwheels & armored headrests for Bf109's $5

1/48 scale decals: Cutting Edge U2R/S Dragon Lady CED48026 $7 Cutting Edge Corsair Nose art part 4, CED48124 $7 Aeromaster Falcons of the Red Star 48-505 $5 Aeromaster Kosovo Falcons 48-523 $7 Aeromaster Augsberg Eagles part XI 48-461 (has Gunther Rall's A/C) $7 Eagle Strike Fokker D.VII, part 2 48080 $7 Eagle Strike Fokker DVII 48042 $7 Eagle Strike Albatros D.III/D.V part 2, 48079 $8 Eagle Strike American Jabos part VII P-47 razors 48098 $7 Eagle Strike American Jabos part VIII P-47 bubbles 48099 $7 Eagle Strike Corsair Collection part III 48093 $7 Super Scale USMC F9F-5 Panthers VMF-224 and VMA-223 48-779 $6 MSAP Bf109B/C/D 4807 $4

1/35 Armor, accessories and figures: DML 16th Luftwaffe Field Div. Kit#6084 $6 DML German Pz.Gren. Kharkov 1943 Kit#6059 $6 Custom Dioramics M10/Achilles PE set CD-2012 $20 Eduard Horch 1a PE set #35542 $20 Verlinden Marines WWII "Checking Out" #1871 $12 Jaguar Fence Section #63844 $6 Jaguar Entrance with Wodden Fence #63845 $6 (but both fence items for $10) Mirage SdKfz 123 (the toast rack version) #35108 $25 Tamiya Flak 37 #35145 $12 Tamiya Mobelwagen (less crew) #35101 $20 Tamiya M3 Bradley #3631.1600 $20 Tamiya Hummer with Bushmaster #35143 $20 Italeri LAV-25 TUA #263 $18 Italeri Steyr Tractor #227 $18 Italeri (Revell boxing) Opel Maultier #2116 with Trakz Canvas Cover #0003 (sold as set only) $40 Unknown dozer blade handwritten note says AEF CK3 $6

Unused kit tracks, 1/35: DML M4A3E8 T80 individual track links $5 Italeri Pz.I B and Marder III H band tracks $5 (for both)

Ships: Pit Road IJN Zuiho 1/700 resin with injected details Kit# R-09 $45 Pit Road IJN Chogei 1/700 resin with injected details kit# WL-26 $30 Gold Medal Models 1/400 naval warship fittings PE for Heller kits #400-1 $30 Gold Medal Model 1/600 merchant ship PE #600-2 $12 Toms Modelworks 1/400 Bismark PE set#4006 $15 Toms Modelworks 1/700 USS Arizona PE set#750 $10 Flagship Models 1/700 USS Texas/New York Dreadnought super set #700-16 $19

Misc: Fort Dusquene Boudica 120mm resin figure kit #708 $30 Panzer Tracts #10, Artillerie Selbstfahrlafetten by Jentz & Doyle $15 Squadron Signal Destroyer Escorts in Action $7 Squadron Signal M2/M3 Bradley in Action $7 Ian Allen Press "Blitzkrieg, France, Holland and Belgium" $15

Item to swap ONLY: Blue Water Navy 1/350 USS Stevens Fletcher Class destroyer with turret #3 replaced by aircraft catapult; will swap only for BWN or equal quality kit of a square bridge Fletcher DD in 1/350.

Stuff I'm looking for:

Decent 1/700 kits of US WWII battelships and cruisers

Tom's Modelworks 1/359 USS Fletcher square bridge conversion set w/40mm guns #TC-3503 or TC3504

1/700 P sets for US fast battelships, escort carriers, cruisers

Gold Medal Models: USS Essex 350-22 USS Essex 350-22A WWII USN floater net baskets 350-24

White Ensign Models: USS Essex the ship PE 3536 USS Essex the airwing PE 3553 USS Essex perforated catwalks PE 3554 HMS Belfast/Edinburg PE (1/600 scale)


20mm Oerlikons 350-01 Quad 40mm Bofors 350-07 Mk51 gun directors 3511 Twin Bofors 3512 5" twin mounts 350-13 5" single mounts 350-14


3526 Barrel for Bradley (2 needed) 3559-1 120mm barrel for Abrams

Jordi: TG34 Pershing barrel (2 needed)


35159 AAVP7A1

I will also consider swapping for 1/35 armor PE and resin (WWII US and German, modern US and Brit).

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