Help clean my basement, lots FS

This stuff really needs to go, there are some bulk prices in parentheses for various sections. I have one or two more stash sortings to do but until this stuff is gone it?s not going to happen. Because of the bulk pricing I will not respond to individual item requests until Tuesday to give bulk buyers the first shot but on Tuesday it?s first come, first served for anything that doesn?t go bulk so feel free to send individual item requests. I really do want this stuff gone soon.

Unless otherwise noted all items are complete and unstarted (parts may be removed from sprues in some cases). Unless otherwise noted for a specific item aircraft 1/48, armor 1/35, that applies to accessories as well. Bagged means bagged, NO box! I accept Paypal and USPS money orders only. I ship once per week via USPS Priority Mail in the US and First Class Airmail internationally. I charge actual shipping costs rounded up to the next dollar. Duties, tariffs and VAT are the buyer?s responsibility. International buyers must use Paypal, NO EXCEPTIONS! If the total is over $400, volume over 1 cubic foot or the weight over 2 pounds I will ask about your country?s customs form requirements so we don?t have problems. BTW-I'm in Maryland in the US.

I will not breakup package deals. Buy a bunch of stuff and I?ll probably offer a nice discount because I really want it gone and moved into a nice new model stash to make new plastic friends. Reasonable offers considered, unreasonable offers will be laughed at. There are a few specific ship related Items I?ll swap for but my goal is really reducing the stash. I will also swap for a 1/48 F-14 VF-142 Ghostriders lo-viz Micro/Super Scale decal sheet with the figure of Death holding the scythe. If you have that decal sheet, WEM, GMM, L?Arsenal or other high quality ship PE you want to swap let me know.

First come, first served, I will hold unpaid items for no more than one week unless you mention needing a bit more time at the initial contact or I need to get an accurate shipping quote. If you see this list on a forum, DO NOT reply on the forum or through its PM function, contact me via email. All forums I use have an email function and my address is there. Or for those who can?t figure out the forum email is my address. Note that the first come, first served only works via email, it's when it hits my inbox that counts. I usually manage to reply within 24 hours to all inquiries.

For those with Ferengi like stashes??.buy everything on the list for $1300 and I?ll cover shipping within the continental US.

Aircraft & accessories (1/48 scale)- (buy all the aircraft stuff listed below for $800)

Packages- (buy both packages for $55) Hasegawa F-16 A plus Royal Norwegian with Blackbox cockpit (bagged) $45

Academy 1/72 PV-1 Ventura gunship with Eduard PE (bagged) $17

Kits- (buy them all for $325, add both packages above $350) DML ME-262A-1a/Jabo OOP (bagged) $20 ESCI HS-123A-1 $10 Roden Fokker D.VII late Fokker built Ro-417 $20 Hobby Craft 1/32 Fokker F1/Dr1 $20 Hobby Craft Piper L-4 (bagged) $12 Accurate Miniatures B-25B $40 Accurate Miniatures P-51C (bagged) $20 Hasegawa P-38J ?Virginia Marie? (bagged) $20 Hasegawa F-16CJ block 50 (bagged) $25 Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat (bagged) $20 Special Hobby X-15A2 (bagged) $45 MPM Morko Morane (bagged) $20 Czech Models BV-40 (bagged) $10 Arii/Otaki P-40E (bagged, two kits) $15 Testors U-2C (bagged) $15 AMT P-40F (bagged) $15 AMT P-40F (bagged) $15 Mauve P-40M (bagged) $20

Eduard PE- (buy it all $90) V-1 48-210 $5 FW-190 D 48-305 $12 FW-190 D 48-305 $12 Ju-87 D Stuka 48-258 $12 Ju-87 D Stuka 48-258 $12 F-16C 48-133 $12 F-16CJ 48-331 $15 F-16CJ 48-331 $15 Me-410B 48-243 $12

True Details wheels ($1.50 each)- B-25 B-J 46019

Aires resin- (buy it all $25) FW-190D 4007 $8 MB GQ-7A seats 4111 $6 F-84G wheelbay $7 Me-262 gunbay 4116 $10

Moskit exhausts- (both for $15) Hs-129B short early pipes 48-10-1 $9 He-112B Romanian AF 48-31 $9

Assorted details- (buy it all for $150) Cobra Company F-8 Crusader Zuni pods 48107 $12 Cobra Company F-8 Crusader backdate superset 48013 $30 Verlinden Me-262 superset 1387 $20 Unknown resin USN standard drop tanks (teardrop shape) $3 Unknown resin MB Mk.F-5 seat for F-8 $4 Unknown resin MB Mk.F-5 seat for F-8 $4 DB Productions D.B.32 seat $2 Blackbox F-16A cockpit $20 Blackbox F-16B cockpit $25 Model Technologies F-16 A/C PE set $4 Teknics Mig-15 cockpit $15 Aeroclub white metal P&W 9-cyl. Wasp engine EP012 (1/72?) $2 Aeroclub white metal P&W 9-cyl. Wasp engine EP012 (1/72?) $2 Falcon Luftwaffe Part II vac canopy set $10

Aircraft decals- (buy all the decals for $75)

Super/Microscale ($4 each): F9F-5 Panthers VMF-224 & VMA-223 48-779 F-80 #2, 3-USAF, 1-Navy 48-36 S-3B & ES-3A VS-35 & VQ-5 48-689 F-86?s 336th & 335th FIS 48-0165 A-10?s 48-69 EA-6B VAQ-132, VAQ-137 #48-153 P-38 aces 48-465 P-38 F/G 48-480 P-38 48-24

Aeromaster: Stinging Hornets Pt.III 48-396 $6 Stinging Hornets Pt.V 48-484 $7 F-84 Thunder jets over Korea Pt.III 48-409 $6 F-84 stencils 148-025 $3

Airway Graphics 1/72 F-84 Thunderbirds AGM-001 $9

Cutting Edge F-84G Thunderjet #4 $8 Cutting Edge F-84G Thunderjet #1 $7 Cutting Edge F-84G Thunderjet stencils $7

Armor, figures & accessories (1/35 scale)-(buy all the armor stuff for $500)

Packages-(buy both packages for $50)

Revell (ROG boxing) Lav-25 Piranha $25 Eduard PE LAV-25 Piranha (Italeri kit) 35-485 Model Point M242 25mm 3526

DML Panther G ?night fighting? $30 Tamiya Panther G grills 35172 Jordi barrel75mm L/70 Panther A/D/G TG-10 Tamiya Panther G tracks

Kits- (buy all kits this section for $200, add both packages above for $240) Tamiya Flak 38 $5 Tamiya Pak 40 $5 AFV Club Pak 43/41 Scheuntor $30 DML SdKfz 251/16 Ausf. C flammpanzerwagen $30 DML Jagdtiger Henschel production type $25 DML M1A1HA Abrams 3533 $20 DML Flak 37 $35 Italeri Opel Maultier $15 Mirage SdKfz 123 with toaster rack $25 Tristar Pz. I A (bagged) $30 Maquette Pz38t G with Eduard PE 35-204 (bagged) $25

Tamiya figures ($4 each unless noted): German Artillery Troops

DML figures- Panzer crew Achtung Jabo 6191 $5 SPG crew 6016 $5 German artillery crew 6201 $5

Verlinden US WWII Marines checking out $10 Tristar SPG crew #002 $7 Jaguar German soldiers at rest Normandy 1944 w/base (missing sitting figure) 63112 $8 Jaguar ?Raise & Shine? German tankers 1944 w/base (sitting figure missing) 63076 $8 Legend German soldiers at table LF0042 $15 Warriors Panzergrenadier Grossdeutschland 35032 $10

54mm Prestige Figurines Capitane des Dragoons de l?Imperatrice 1870 $10

Buy all the figures listed above for $60.

Legend Productions SdKfz 252 conversion for DML 250 series $45 ($63 retail)

Eduard PE- (buy it all for $50) LVTP5A1 photoetch 35-264 $12 Tiger I early (Tam) 35-301 $12 Tiger I late PE 35-441 $12 M1 Abrams armor fittings 35-360 $6 M1A2 Abrams (Dragon kit) 35-259 $12 Panther A schurzen 35-443 $12

Aber PE- (buy it all for $55) King Tiger 35040 $20 King Tiger 35040 $20 King Tiger 35040 $20 Kubelwagen (Tamiya or DML) 35-079 $12

AFV Club T36E6 track $10 AFV Club M1A1&A2 track $10 AFV Club M41 wheels & suspension $15

Academy Tiger I track $5

Assorted ammo- (buy it all for $80) Warriors 128mm ammo set $8 Verlinden ammo & cases for 5cm Pz.III F-M $10 Tamiya Stug. Brass ammo 35198 $9 Tamiya Stug. Brass ammo 35198 $9 Tamiya PZ.IV brass ammo 35182 $9 Tamiya PZ.IV brass ammo 35182 $9 Tamiya PZ.IV brass ammo 35182 $9 Tamiya PZ.IV brass ammo 35182 $9 Tamiya King Tiger brass 35166 $9 Tamiya King Tiger brass 35166 $9 Tamiya Sturmtiger aluminum 35178 $15

Model Point late Brummbar barrel (Tamiya) 3569 $10

Jordi Rubio barrels-

75mm Panther G (Tam) barrel TG-62 $8 US 76mm Sherman TG-42 $6 4.7cm Skoda TG-49 $15

Moskit exhausts- Hetzer early 35-33 $17

Archer Fine Transfers Generic chevrons & numbers (white) AR35195W $5 Archer Fine Transfers Generic chevrons & numbers (black) AR35195B $5

Custom Dioramics Modern posters #1386 $4 Custom Dioramics Modern pinups #1384 $4

Model Car Garage PE pedals, 1/24-1/25 scale MCG-2080 $3

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