Friday toy sale!

Once again I delved into my stash and found a whole bunch of stuff I
know I?ll never build. Bulk pricing is offered for buying entire
sections of the list or the entire list, note that until 11PM EDT Sunday
April 13th bulk offers take precedence over individual item offers. The
next three paragraphs answer just about any question you might have
about shipping, payment, condition, etc.
Unless otherwise noted all items are complete and unstarted (parts may
be removed from sprues in some cases and many have been opened to look
at in detail). Unless otherwise noted for a specific item aircraft 1/48,
armor 1/35, that applies to accessories as well. Bagged means bagged, NO
box! I accept Paypal and USPS money orders only. I ship once per week
via USPS Priority Mail in the US and First Class Airmail
internationally; decals alone ship first class in a photo mailer. I
charge actual shipping costs rounded up to the next dollar Duties,
tariffs and VAT are the buyer?s responsibility. International buyers
must use Paypal, NO EXCEPTIONS! If the total is over $400, volume over
1 cubic foot or the weight over 2 pounds I will ask about your country?s
customs form requirements so we don?t have problems. BTW-I'm in Maryland
in the US.
I will not breakup package deals. Buy a bunch of stuff and I?ll probably
offer a nice discount because I really want it gone and moved into a
nice new model stash to make new plastic friends. Reasonable offers
considered. There are a few specific ship related Items I?ll swap for
but my goal is really reducing the stash.
First come, first served, I will hold unpaid items for no more than one
week unless you mention needing a bit more time at the initial contact.
If you see this list on a forum, DO NOT reply on the forum or through
its PM function, contact me via email. All forums I use have an email
function and my address is there. Or for those who don?t use the forum
email is my address. Note that the first come,
first served only works via email, it's when it hits my inbox that
counts. I usually manage to reply within 24 hours to all inquiries (note
that I will respond to offers for individual items after the bulk period
Buy the entire list for $1950 and I?ll cover shipping in the lower 48 of
the US.
Trumpeter 1/350 Liberty Ship Jeremiah O?Brien with Tom?s PE $50
Aircraft and related after market-
2) Academy Hawker Hunter F.6 (bagged) $60
Aires cockpit 4085
Aires wheelbay 4087
Aeromaster Hunter Pt. III 48-347
Eduard PE 48-233
3) Hasegawa F-16C (bagged) $45
Black Box cockpit 48005
Aeromaster stencils 148-130
4) Hasegawa F-16CG Block 40 ?Triple Nickel? (bagged) $35
Aeromaster Kosovo Falcons 48-523
Aeromaster stencils 148-130
6) Hasegawa F-104C (bagged) $45
Black Box cockpit 48028
Cutting Edge Starfighter #5 48141
7) Hasegawa F-104G (bagged) $50
Cutting Edge F-104 G/J/C airframe upgrade set 48266
Black Box CF-104G cockpit 48042
8) Hasegawa F-104J (bagged) $40
Black Box F-104 G/J cockpit 48006
9) Hasegawa F-104J (bagged) $40
Black Box F-104 G/J cockpit 48006
11) Tamiya F2A-2 Buffalo (bagged) $30
Eduard PE 48-033
Aeromaster F2A-3 conversion HT-4 (cowl and vac canopy)
12) Tamiya He-219 (bagged) $60
Third Group Nachtjager decals 48-023
Aires cockpit 4046
Eduard PE 48-231
13) ESCI/Scalecraft Mig-23 $30
Mike Grant Hellfighter red devil decals (really cool scheme)
17) Accurate Miniatures IL-2m3 Sturmovik (bagged) $45
Aeromaster Shturmoviks Part 1
Aeromaster Shturmoviks Part 2
18) HiPM He-100D (bagged) $30
Moskit exhaust
Kits- ($110 for all 6 below)
DML HE-162 A with parts for V-tail (bagged) $20
Airfix 1/72 Lancaster Dambuster 08004 $20
Fujimi Bf-110C (bagged) $10
Classic Airframes AR-68 E/F (bagged) $25
Classic Airframes AR-68 E/F (bagged) $25
Pacific Monograph Buzz Bomb Fi-103/JB-2/Loon 2 resin kits in one box,
one set of decals marred, most parts have pour plugs removed $25
Decals- (all aircraft decals $125)
Aeromaster Falcons Of The Red Star Pt. 1 48-505 $6
Aeromaster Pacific Lightnings Pt. I (P-38?s) 48-499 $6
Aeromaster Pacific Lightnings Pt. II (P-38?s) 48-510 $6
Aeromaster Fighting Lavochkins Pt. III 48-111 $6
Signiagraph 1/72 late 1942-mid-1943 US nat?l insignia from IPMS Region 2
?42 Con? dry transfers $6
Zotz Koninklijke Luchtmacht 3/3 Sqn. 50th Anniversary 48/022 $10
Scalemaster Lo-viz US national markings SM30 $3
Two Bobs F/A-18A NSAWC Topgun Hornets 48-002 $9
Eagle Strike Wings of NATO Part I 48026 $10
Eagle Strike A-4 Skyhawks Part IV 48033 $8
CAM generic walkways 48-097 $4
Cutting Edge Lockhheed P-38?s (H, J, L) 48031 $9
Micro/Super Scale $4 each
Bf-110C 48-25
Bf-110C 48-25
Bf-110C 48-25
Bf-110C 48-25
F-100 48-78
F-100 48-81
F-86D 48 498 & 94 FIS 48-174
F-86D 498 & 25 FIS 48-0175
F-86 E/F The Chopper & Mig Poison 48-602
A-4 E/F VA-55, VC-2 VC-5, VMA-23 48-6
A-4B (A4D-2) VA22 & VA-12 48-800
A-4C VFS-1 & VA-95 48-728
Resin and PE- (all aircraft resin & PE $55)
High Flight SG-113A vert. launch antitank rocket for FW-190 HF-4840 $5
Black Box Mig-21MF cockpit 48040 $18
Aires Lockheed C2 ejection seats 4102 $6
Aires Lockheed C2 ejection seats 4102 $6
Aires Lockheed C2 ejection seats 4102 $6
Moskit He-100 exhausts 48-30 $10
Eduard PE Hawker Hunter F.6 48-233 $9
Armor and related after market-
1A) DML Stug III C/D 6009 (bagged) $60
Jaguar interior
Jordi Rubio barrel TG-29
2A) DML Hetzer early 6030 (bagged) $50
Aber PE 35112
Jordi Rubio barrels TG-27 & TG-52
Moskit exhaust 35-33
4A) DML Pz. III Ausf. J 9011 (bagged) $25
Jordi Rubio barrel TG-03
5A) DML Pz. I Ausf. B 6186 $35
Eduard PE 35-171 (for Italeri/Zvezda kit but useful for DML kit)
6A) DML DAK Kubelwagen 9042 (bagged) $30
Verlinden Kubelwagen detals 1284
7A) DML Hummel initial 6150 $65
Eduard PE 35-285
Eduard PE ammo boxes & floor 35-292
Model Point barrel 3585
9A) DML SdKfz. 250/3 Greif (bagged) $35
Eduard PE 35-356
Moskit exhaust 35-14
10A) DML Firefly Vc 6031 (bagged) $30
Eduard barrel 34-010
12A) Tamiya Panther Ausf. G Fruhe 35170 (bagged) $65
Eduard PE 35-354
Eduard barrel 34-001
Cavalier zimmerit horizontal pattern #103
Cavalier zimmerit tile pattern #104
13A) Tamiya Wespe 35200 (bagged) $40
Eduard PE 35-450
Jordi Rubio barrel TG-37
Moskit exhaust 35-11
15A) Tamiya Marder III 35248 (bagged) $65
CMK interior 3022
Eduard PE 35398
Jordi Rubio 7.62cm F.K.(r) TG-50
17A) Academy M3 Stuart Honey (bagged) $25
Eduard PE 35027 (open but complete)
Jordi Rubio barrel 37mm M6 TG-48
18A) HiPM SdKfz. 232 6 rad 35005 (bagged) $35
Eduard PE 35-320
Jordi Rubio barrel TG-21
Moskit exhaust 35-15
Kits- (all 8 kits $190)
Tamiya King Tiger Ardennes 35252 (bagged) $30
Tamiya Stug III G Fruhe 35197 (bagged) $25
DML SdKfz. 251/22 Ausf. D 6248 $30
AFV Club M3A3 Stuart 35053 (bagged) $30
Maquette Pz. 38T Befels (bagged) $10
Maquette Pz. 38t A-D (bagged) $10
Trumpeter Sturer Emil 00350 $18
Precision Models S.FH 18 resin kit (bagged) $50
PE- (all armor PE $150)
Aber SdKfz. 250/9 Neu 2cm recon 35075 $22
Aber SdKfz. 250/1 Neu 35073 $25
Aber Schwimmwagen Type 166 35080 $12
Eduard Pz. IV Ausf. H early 35180 $12
Eduard Pz. IV H turret schurzen 35551 $18
Eduard Pz. IV H turret schurzen 35551 $18
Eduard Brummabar schurzen 35429 $9
Eduard 7.5cm Pak 97/38 35532 $18
Eduard Pz. IV H schurzen 35460 $15
Eduard Brummbar 35227 $12
Barrels- (all barrels $190)
Model Point 88mm Tiger I for Academy kit 3533 $8
Model Point Brummbar late barrel 3569 $10
Jordi Rubio 5cm KwK L/42 TG-02 $4
Jordi Rubio 5cm KwK L/42 TG-02 $4
Jordi Rubio 75mm KwK L/70 TG-26 $6
Jordi Rubio 5cm KwK 39/1 L60 TG-30 $6
Jordi Rubio 10.5cm 1FH 18M TG-37 $6
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Flak 43/1L/60 TG-39 $6
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Flak 43/1L/60 TG-39 $6
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Flak 43/1L/60 TG-39 $6
Jordi Rubio 75mm KwK L/43 TG-41 $6
Jordi Rubio 4.7cm Skoda vz 38 TG-49 $10
Jordi Rubio 2cm flakvierling 38 TG-56 $18
Jordi Rubio 2cm flakvierling 38 TG-56 $18
Jordi Rubio Sig 33 L/11 TG-11 $10
Jordi Rubio 15cm sFH 18 TG-12 $6
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Skoda TG-16 $4
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Skoda TG-16 $4
Jordi Rubio 3.7cm Skoda TG-16 $4
Jordi Rubio 2cm KwK 39 TG-21 $5
Jordi Rubio 76mm M1A2 TG-32 $10
Jordi Rubio 76mm M1A1 TG-42 $5
Jordi Rubio 37mm M6 US TG-48 $4
Jordi Rubio 5cm Pak 38 TG-53 $6
Jordi Rubio 5cm Pak 38 TG-53 $6
Jordi Rubio Sig 33 L/11 TG-57 $5
Assorted stuff- (all assorted stuff $175)
Cavalier zimmerit JPz. IV/70 (A) #0116 $15
Cavalier zimmerit Jagdpanther #0114 $15
Cavalier zimmeritBrummbar late #0110 $15
Cavalier zimmeritBrummbar late #0110 $15
Cavalier zimmerit Pz. IV H #01019 $15
Trakz Panther A late exhausts TX0012 $6
Verlinden 73mm Pak ammo #577 $8
Verlinden M3 Lee interior #1807 $30
Tiger Model Designs Sig 33 ammo 352071 $7
Tiger Model Designs Sig 33 ammo 352071 $7
Tamiya Pz. IV brass ammo 35182 $9
Tamiya Tiger I early grills 35217 $6
Branch Model Marder II set BM-011 $30
Warriors Pz. II damaged wheels 35173 $9
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