Tamiya 1/72 warbirds kits

I saw a few Tamiya 1/72 kits that I did not know existed. Particularly they are the Bae Hawk and Jaguar kits. Are these reboxed kits from another manufacturer or are they original Tamiya toolings? How about the Mosquito? They seem to be a bit obscure to be new tamiya toolings. Am I correct? Thanks, Jack

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Italiari, so are lots of 'tothers

Wasnt that new some time ago?

They seem to be a bit obscure to be new tamiya

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The Mossie kits are actual Tamiya molds. Quite nice IMHO. You do have to watch though as many of the other kits are Italeri reboxes. Others that are for sure tamiya molds are the F4U Corsair, Spitfires, Bf-109s, and the early FW-190 (A# I think?). You do have to be careful with the FW-190D9 kits. One is a Tamiya mold and the other is an Italeri rebox. I can't remember how to tell and all my kits are still in boxes from my move. Sorry. The F-84, the F4D Skyray kits are also true Tamiya molds.

I have notcied that if you look at these kits on the HLJ site, they do tell you which are Italeri reboxes.

As a side note I've seen many folks bidding up some of these kits on eBay. I suspect that they do not know what is a rebox and what is not. So watch out.

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