War posters in 1/72?

I've found building armor in 1/72 very rewarding, and since no one else
in my club chapter seems interested in this scale, my pursuit is unique.
I see a decent amount of kits available, from many makers, and am just
now finding quite a few accessories too.
One thing I need, but cannot find, is war propaganda posters in the
correct scale.
My local hobby shops have some in the standard 1/35, but when asked they
claim none exist in 1/72.
I lack the equipment to make my own, and don't want to use the 1/35
because they'd be too big.
Does anyone have input on this?
IPMS Houston
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Randy Pavatte
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Even if you don't have a computer or a printer. You could try this. Go to your local cyber cafe and check out sites like ebay and militaria vendors.for images of suitable posters. Use whatever software the cafe has on its machines to reduce the images to the size you want and save these images to a floppy disc. Take the disc to your local copy shop and get them to colour print them for you. HTH
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Les Pickstock
I forgot to ask, which theatre of operations and whose propaganda?
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Les Pickstock
Randy Pavatte wrote
warflag.com (which mainly has freely downloadable graphics to make standards for wargame armies) has a sheet of 1/72 scale Nazi posters at the bottom of
formatting link

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Rik Shepherd
If you can find subject matter you like in 1/35, buy it and have a color copy made on suitable paper or cardstock, reduced to 49% of the original (Actually 48.6%, but I don't know if that fineness is possible). This is as close to 1/72 as you will probably need. The same can be done with any of the other flat-stock aftermarket items you might need (rugs, street signs, foldable boxes, for example).
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert
There are a great many posters, maps, road signs, etc available in 1/72 and 1/76. You just need to check out the wargamming rather than modeling mfgers. For a start, check out AB Figures who make IMHO the finest 20mm figures in the world. PDI Models carries a large assortment. There's also a company called Flags For The Lads which you can get through, I believe, Brookhurst Hobbies. You'll soon find there's actually more available in small scale than 1/35 if you look closely.
Mark Levine
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Mark Levine

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