best 1/72 ww2 figures?

Just bought Revell german artillery set. It's nice but i'm not impressed
with the detail and quality. Are there any 1/72 WW2 figures with detail
quiality comparable to 1/72 dragon models? Just bought Sherman Firefly and
the detail is excellent - I'd like the figures to be that good. And revell
set it not that good.
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The Preiser 1/72nd scale figures are very good. They were involved with many of the Revell figures, I understand, including the artillery set. But Preiser does many other sets themselves, including some tank crews.
Don H.
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Don Harstad
I agree the Preiser figures are good, as I have worked with several of their sets myself. However, be advised the Preiser figures are like larger figures in that they come in pieces to be assembled. If you have no aversion to working with individual kit items, arms, heads, ect. in 1/72 scale, these figures are for you. Being in kit form will also allow for an almost infinite combination of poses.
I'd also like to recommend a website to you.
formatting link
I use this site a lot to see new sets, and compare figures. This is absolutely the best place to determine quality of 1/72 figures without having to buy them first.
Finally, because I specialize in working with figures of this scale, my favorites (in terms of sculpting, mold quality, and value) are by Italeri, but your taste may differ from mine.
Hope this info helps, and best wishes.
Randy IPMS Houston IPMS USA
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Randy Pavatte
I'm currently doing a diorama which includes WWII Soviet figures. So far I've prepared fgures from Preiser, Airfix, Revell, ESCI, Czech Master and Atlantic. The Prieser and Czech Master fgures are the best in both detail and poseability posibilities (god, I just LOVE the English language). Next best would be the ESCI (re-released by Italeri) and Revell figures. Airfix are good, but far too recognizeable unless modified. Atlantic, usually roundly condemned, provided a great officer, tall and lean and quite good with a little work.
I look forward to your comments after you finish.
BTW, anyone looking to discover what has been produced in the way of figures 1/72-1/76 please contact me. ESM 72 has documented 3,657 items, most of which include several (up to fifty) figures per listing. Subscription and back issue availability on request.
Randy Pavatte wrote:
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