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Hi everyone. Recently I ordered some German soldier figures by Preiser of Germany from Michigan Toy Soldier's online store. What appealed to me about these figures was the non-combat poses. I ordered one set of walking (advancing) troops and one set of "at rest" troops. From what I could see the detail is very good, and each set has about 12 figures for (I think) $11. I'm still waiting for them, as I was told they had some on re-order from Preiser.

My question is, does anyone know of other American online stores that carry Preiser 1/72 military figures? So far Michigan Toy Soldier was the only one I've found them listed on. Also, what other brands might I look at that make good quality WW2 figures in plastic? I've worked with Italeri and liked them, but didn't care for Revell-Germany (too much flash) and Heller (smaller than the others). Thanks for your input as always, and happy building!

Randy IPMS Houston

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I'm pretty sure their whole line is available through Walther's:

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As for other brands, original MPC/Airfix sets are not that bad to work with. I don't know if the current RoG fair are re-pops of the MPC/Airfix molds or not.

-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

The Heller figures are originally Airfix. Revell Germany figures are entirely new sets, and many of them are quite good. The Italeri 1/72 figures of WW II soldiers are reissues of the old ESCI figures. See

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for excellent information on this topic.

Flash is something that seems to be unavoidable with soft plastic figures. I don't think Revell Germany is any worse than others in this regard.


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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen

Don't know if they still have them, but some time ago I got a couple of sets from Squadron Mail Order.

Hope this helps

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Try Walthers online store. Not only do they carry the entire Preiser

1/72 scale line, but they've photos of the as yet unreleased sets including Modern US tankers, WW2 Russians, and others.

Search for both 1/72 scale and "S" scale, and you'll get all the Preiser offerings.

You can order direct from Walthers own retail operation (Terminal Hobby Shop) or from affiliated shops if you'd like.

I've ordered from them many times and have never had a problem.

Mark Levine

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Mark Levine

Squadron carries the NATO ground crew figures:

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They occasionally also carry other Preiser figure sets. Their WWII Luftwaffe set is outstanding.

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