Re: Quality of Historex figures?

I've lately gotten a brainworm over the Napoleonic era, and I was thinking

> of picking up some of the plastic figure kits from Historex. Does anyone > have any experience with these? If so, what are they like (detail, > proportions, molding quality)? They're fairly expensive for plastic > figures, but way cheaper than metal. I'm particularly interested in some of > the mounted figures and artillery. Thanks for any input.

Detail and accuracy of the figures are top of the bill, however, the poses are suitable only for a parade ground. This makes them less than suited for 'troops in the field' scenes. On the bright side, the range of subjects is excellent, although rather centered on French subjects, and parts are fully interchangeable accross the entire range.

A small word of advice on buying these kits: be carefull what you pay for them; I often see them on eBay for more than retail prices, which is rediculous.


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