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Hello. I've been painting 1/72 figures for a while, and the choices for subjects has been satisfying. However, because I'm considering a venture into other areas such as sci-fi and fantasy figures, I'd like to ask for tips and comments on the various differences between plastic and metal figures. Please share with me differences regarding preparation, such as cleanup. Must metal figures be primed before painting? If so, what sort of primer is best? Will my enamels be ok to paint them, or would it require investing in a different type? As always, your guidance is appreciated. Thanks very much, and best wishes.

Randy IPMS Houston

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Since you're going into fantasy/sc-fi, plastic, vinyl and resin figures are just about it. If you want better detail pick resin pieces. Some vinyls are pretty good but few plastics (that I have seen) have 'good' detail. Me, I prime everything. That way I am able to see all the things I need to touch up again. Odd/Big Lots carries a Dutch Boy brand of primers (Touch n Tone) that have worked well for me on everything. If you work in acrylics, priming helps grab the paint, almost a must on resin and vinyl mediums. For paints, artist oils are all I use for figures. I guess if I tried a vinyl piece I'd use artist acrylics-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

You might seriiously consider posing this question in

They are at least passingly familiar with the fantasy sci-fi stuff. But they definately would have info on the types of materials and how to prepare them etc.

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SamVanga (Randy Pavatte) wrote in news:

I'm a crossover modeller as well, Randy - cars, planes, tanks, and figures.

Yes, you definitely need to prime metal figures. I use the same primer on them as on most of my models, Duplicolor Red auto primer. It's a sandable lacquer-based primer with some small scratch filling properties that I love for car bodies - dries rock hard and can be overcoated lighter primers as well. Cheap and available in any K/W-Mart...

Once primed, you can paint with anything. I cut my teeth on small fantasy metal figures, so I'm comfortable with acrylics for those, but also mix enamels as well. I'm just starting to learn how to paint with oils, so they are another option - more expensive to start, but the starter kit will past you forever. Just remember, whatever paints you use, to go from hot paints to cold with overcoats, i.e. start with lacquers, overcoat those with enamels, and overcoat those with acrylics. If you go the other way, the paint may craze.

Get some fine brushes for detail work, and if your library has it, get Shep Paine's book on painting figures (I tried to buy it - best price I've seen is around $180 from a guy on reseller on amazon). Great book, and should give you some good pointers.

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