Anyone have history on Phoenix Model White Metal Figures ?

they seem to be popping up on ebay now. Nice, fun poses, but expensive
final bids. Are these things that rare?
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Phoenix dates back to late 60s and 70s. They had many figures and sets based on the National Geographic Book "Everyday Life in Ancient Times" and some fantasy sets like Amazons and Atlantis. . They later got into larger scale female figures - Phoenic Phollies in general nude, semi nude or seggestive poses. The quality was good for the time. They also marketed a set of Gouche water based paints which dried absolutely flat - but in some respects too fast for easy shading. The detail was no way near what you'd find in Andrea today - and some of the poses were a bit stiff - however they still are the only one in some subjects - like a complete Eqyptian throne room scene. $22.50 doesn't seem overly pricey for a three figure set - There's still a few I'd probably bid on if I rejoined ebay.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
I remember seeing some Atlantic figures in 1:32 of an Egyptian throne room and a Greek banquet back in the 90's at the local brick 'n' morter. Unlike their 1:72 soft plastic, these were injected (I was told) with decent quality. Again, check out the competition for those designs - there was none.
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