Welding White Metal

I'm not sure if this is the proper name for the chrome handles on a truck
tailgate, but is it possible to weld this metal. I have a wire feed welder
(flux core).
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I've got an HP publication, "Paint and Body Handbook", ISBN 0-89586-220-4 From 1984 pg 34.
HP Books P.O.Box 5367 tucson, AZ 85703
It details fixing pot metal/ white metal.
Tips. Use Oxy/ acet, at very low pressure. Bake the part to get all moisture out. Clean / even de-chrome the part. Clean (even) the fluxless rod.
They recommend ST-8 from HC Fastener co. Route 2, #27 Alvardo TX, 76009 Practice on old pieces. Melting temp is 730F similar to solder or lead.
Support the part on a firebrick.
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Greg M
It doesn't sound like an easy fix. Likely beyond my abilties / equipment.
Thanks, Pibster
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Ooh. I thought maybe they were off of an old StuudeeBaker. ;)
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Greg M

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