Anti spatter mask

Not spray, that is what I have been using. Works great, but takes way too much
time and effort to remove before painting. Since these are very simple and
identical weldments I thought of making a physical 'mask' to drop over the
parts before welding. Consistency of weld spacing might be a happy side
Mainly looking for material suggestions here. Tried Googling a bit with no
luck, so even a search string hint would be a big help. Obviously steel is out
since I'm not good enough to never accidentally weld the mask to the work:-(
1/8" galvanized with a very small wire feed in flux core mode. Thought of
switching it to MIG, but that might be pushing the limit on this rig. Plus the
early samples I ran on a full sized MIG spattered as bad or worse than the flux
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William Bagwell
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Will look at possibility of a mostly steel mask with copper inserts surrounding just the four weld areas... Thanks!
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William Bagwell
I wonder if you could glue scrap PCB strips or copper slug tape around your steel mask?
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both spatter and weld do not stick to the copper plus it pulls the heat away from the area, keeps everything cooler. Any sheet will work but steel sheet will pick up the spatter and hold it, aluminum gets ratty pretty quickly. Avoid galvanized stock, sooner or later you will get the zinc hot enough to fume off.
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You could also try engine gasket material. You can buy sheets of it at auto parts stores. Pretty non-flammable.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
The fact that MIG (i.e., plain wire & gas) spatters as much as flux core makes me wonder if it's the galvanizing that's causing the spatters. Galvanized does NOT like to be welded: the zinc boils off and crapizes the weld.
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Bob Engelhardt
Yeah, that's sure the opposite of what I experienced on plain old A36.
Pete Keillor
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Pete Keillor
The gas used for mig welding makes a difference in how much spatter occurs. CO2 is cheap ,but causes more spatter.
For galvanized steel silicon bronze brazing might be a better choice.
=20 Dan
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Thanks! Now I have two options. Had already started gathering material for the steel / copper mask. This will give me a quick way to test if it will even work and a fall back plan...
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William Bagwell

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