welding question, please help

I'm new to welding. I have and old FORNEY stick welder that I play with. I
want a wire feed welder so that I can weld sheet metal. Does anyone make a
kit to put a spool gun on an arc welder? Is it possible? Welding is just a
hobby for me and I really enjoy it, I just don't want to go spend $300 and
up for a wire feed welder if it is not necessary.
Thanks, Cris
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Cristobal & Lisa Sanchez
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Yes they make one but it's not much cheaper than buying a decent MIG welder. Check out:
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Click on "Comparison Charts" for prices. They can be had for less but I'm not up on the going price. Seems like the lowest I've seen is $375. There are a few listed on eBay in the $400 to $480 range.
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Keith Marshall
Left out one minor detail. Your FORNEY unit needs to output DC current to work with the READYWELDER II.
Jim Vrzal Holiday,FL.
Keith Marshall wrote:
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to work with the READYWELDER II.
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Keith Marshall
Thanks for the help. The welder does have DC output so that you can charge a car battery, but I'm not sure how many volts. I need to look at it.
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