Old welding machine

In my area, a good running working AC/DC welder/genset including leads, ready to go, a turnkey setup, in decent cosmetic condition, will fetch $700-800.

$1000 is way too high.

$300 sounds way too low.


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Grant Erwin
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Oops, started to put Old Welder in Subject line .........

I found an older welding machine today in my current ad for a welding machine.

It is a Lincoln Model DC 225-3-AS powered by an Onan CCK motor. This looks like the same Onan I had on a Lincoln Weldanpower 225 and it ran just fine. It has two 115v. take off plugs, no AC welding capability, and no CCV tap. No 220 plug.

This old machine started on the third pull with a cord, and that was cold as could be. Some black smoke and the smell of bad gas, but no white smoke, and none after it warmed up. No smell of oil in exhaust, as from bad rings.

I waited for it to warm up, and then welded some 7018 AC using the DC at 150 and the fine tune at 10. It ran good. The 7018 was all I had, buying it for a Tombstone I have, too.

Anyhoo, the guy wanted a grand. I suspect this machine is from the early

80's. It doesn't look like it's been used a lot, but could use a can of Gunk spray and a power washing.

I told him a grand was high on that age of machine, and that I would get back to him after I researched it. He was an old hippie intellectual type who used the machine to make some fencing and a truck rack. I didn't go look at the fencing and truck rack after looking at the welds he made on the trailer.

What would you offer for it? Or would you make him give ME something to haul it off? ;-)

I'm thinking $300.


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This one is DC only, has two new leads, a new stinger handle, and sounds healthy. It'll do what I want to do with a welder, just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this particular machine. The Onan it has is like one I had, and I had no trouble with it. I would probably run 3/32" rods for wrought iron repairs, and an occasional 1/8. I just don't want something that's going to nickel and dime me to death, and then I'll be in it for what I could have gotten a newer used one for.

I said $300, but my conscience was saying $500. Still, with him wanting a thousand, I don't know if he'd take $500. I'll listen for a while, and let him stew for a couple of days.


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Have you checked the prices on eBay and your local welding store. It might be a deal at $1000. Engine driven welders are expensive.

I bought a Lincoln Pipeliner new in 1974, and only put about 300 hrs on it by 1990. I paid $1800 for it new, and was about to sell it to a friend for $1200. I call the local welding store only to be told I was insane. I put it in the paper for $4000, and it went three days later to the first caller.

I don't know that machine, but it seems anything comparable new is about $3 to $4000.

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