Old Lego

Hi can anyone help me? I've just cleared out my cupboards and come across
all my old lego..i have loads of 'technics', and other stuff..i've also come
across a lego train set (D182), whats it worth and where can i sell it.
are there any sites for valuations.
Also its got me wondering is it a good thing to collect?
all help appreciated.
Josephine Williams
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Josephine Williams
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has a variety of parts and sets listed. Use the 'catalogue' function to find high-average-low values on any particular part or set.
Looking at 'closed' items on Ebay is another way to estimate value. You will need an Ebay account to access this feature.
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has a catalogue that shows the original retail pricing for sets.
Like they say on Antiques Roadshow: If you like it, collect it. (or something like that (g).
P.S., "it has" should be shortened to "it's", not "its". And the "got" is redundant: "Also it has me wondering, is it a good thing to collect?" Optionally, a comma could follow the "Also".
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Kay Archer
take good pics and ebay it it will get a good price as long as there is no megablock infection in the lot
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