Weslock Handelset problems, anyone can help me please?

Hi, we have a Contempura 2 7/8 bore to bore Weslock Handleset. This is the kind that you open the door from the inside it automatically opens the deadbolt as well.

The inside door knob just came off one day. There were no parts that fell out of it or that were found inside the door or on the floor.

I called Weslock and they said "the clip broke" and they sent us a new interior part.

We installed the interior part and the door opens and closes just fine, but the door knob will not stay on. They sent a schematic along with it but it does not show anything differently than we have done.

We've spent hours and hours on this. I guess I'll just have to call a professional. Any ideas what I'm not doing correctly? Thanks Al.

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should have maybe called the professional before you "spent hours and hours" sometimes it 'IS' worth it..

no pun intended

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