Kwikset TITAN Loose Latch Problem

I have a Kwikset TITAN on the front door of my home that is about 4
years old. It is a "sectional handleset with single cylinder
deadbolt." Over time, the lower part of the handleset (not the
deadbolt) has become loose, allowing the interior and exterior handles
to slide left and right about 1/8 to 1/4 inch, with the latch mechanism
moving accordingly in its channel. The latch mechanism is not held in
place with screws -- it looks like the kind that is tapped into place.
The result of all this is that when closing the door, the latch
mechanism often slides far enough out of its channel to strike the
doorframe, preventing the door from closing (and denting the doorframe
I have tried tapping the latch mechanism back into the door, but it
never stays. I have tried tightening the screws on the interior
handle, but they are already very tight.
Any ideas how to solve this problem? Is it a problem with the lockset,
the door, or the installation?
Thank you!
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It sounds like the boss that the interior screws go into are too long or the screws themselves are too long. I would take the screws out one at a time and take 1/16" off of them first. If that doesn't help take the lockset apart and grind a 1/16" or so off of the boss (or towers) that the screws screw into.
Leon Rowell
David wrote:
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Leon Rowell
First off you have what is called a drive in latch. These are held in by friction.
The loose handles are because of screws backing out.
To fix, remove the handles and the latch. Wrap a piece of paper or electricians tape around the latch and see if you can get it snug again. Then re-attach the handles. you should be able to snug the handle screws tight enough so the handles do not need to rely on the latch for support.
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Roger Shoaf
Some really thoughtful suggestions. Other answer might be to remove one screw from the inside handle and put a split washer around the srew. Put the screw back in, and then do the other one. Might hold the lock tighter to the door.
Kwikset products are designed for door thickness 1 3/8 inch to 1 3/4, and sounds like your door is a whisker too thin.
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Stormin Mormon
steel door? I bet..
IF SO, then the door skin is collapsing.. remove the lock COMPLETELY.. and get a piece of schedule 40 pipe, and CAREFULLY cut to a length that allows you to BARELY raise the door skin back to level.. this piece needs to be split into 2 pieces, and maybe a section taken out to allow the latch to still fit by.. like 3/4 of the complete circle is what you need. and placed in the INSIDE of the door, between the skins. then reassemble the lock to the door and tighten the screws.. this will ALSO stop the drive in latch bolt from walking out
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Thank you for the excellent suggestions. The problem turned out to be the length of the screws, as suggested. The original screws were 2 inches long. I cut them down to about 1.75 inches and the handle is now tight and the latch is firmly in place. Thanks!
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