How did they break in? PLEASE HELP!

I had an outdoor shed and I made sure no one else had the key--I even
rekeyed it and they changed some of the actual pins. It was a deadbolt.
I was gone ten minutes. In that time my neighbors were able to break in. I
saw no signs of forced entry. When I came back the door was unlocked
(possibly they could not relock it).
So how did they get past my deadbolt? It was qwickset. Was ten minutes
time enough to pick it? It didn't look like they had removed anything that
would allow them to pry the lock open, either. The deadbolt only goes a
little under one inch, though because there area for it to go is not large
enough. But it normally can't open. I don't know how they did it.
Please help.
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Korben Dallas
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the deadbolt MUST be fully extended.. or, does the door open out? thats all you get for hints --Shiva--
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It wasn't DEADlocked. The bolt has to be fully extended to be deadlocked. Try it with the door open to see what I mean.
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It wasn't DEADlocked. The bolt has to be fully extended to be deadlocked. Try it with the door open to see what I mean.
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Ottawa Canada
When you live in a neighborhood crawling with thieves, you want a much better lock than a quickset deadbolt on your storage shed and house.
Try installing a Medeco deadbolt or other superior grade lock to slow down the thieves. A security camera and v.c.r. also work wonders on stopping thieves or at least letting you know who they are.
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Brian K.Lingard
It's a outdoor shed for christ sake. All you need is a screwdriver to take them apart. A Medeco on a shed... Yeah, right, like a factory Navigator and ABS on a Yugo.... And it's spelled Kwikset, nitwit, why are you telling me this? You must be Freddy's kid...
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"Korben Dallas" wrote in message:
from your posts:
Without seeing the door I would say an outswinging door with a deadbolt installed improperly (i.e. it is not allowed to fully extend) was loided...
Some clever person came along and used a tool to slide the bolt back and open the door...
Drill a deeper hole in the door frame to allow the deadbolt to extend completely, or install a latch protector plate...
Whatever you choose to do, it sounds as if you should seek professional assistance with this project...
Evan, ~~formerly a maintenance man, now a college student...
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"Korben Dallas" wrote in message
Sheeesh .... 'Open the door', insert the key in the lock, now turn the key just enough so that the bolt only comes out about half way. Put your finger on the end of the bolt and push in. You have just discovered that the bolt will slide straight back into the latch hole. NOW .............. turn the key fully, so the bolt is at it's 'maximum extension, now try to push the bolt back in. It won't go in ... "right" ....... if it does, then the lock is faulty. SO............ maybe you need to drill out the hole in the door jamb so the lock bolt will extend FULLY into the hole and people can't push it in with a knife or whatever, and rob you. Hope this explains it better for you. :-))
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Steve Paris

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