Can anybody help me?

I am new to modelling and I have just bought some Tamiya 1:35 WW2 German Grenadiers which I wish to paint but I do not know what colour thier uniform is as my instructions are in Japanese, Can anybody help?

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First of all...welcome to the wonderful world of modelling!!

You have already encountered what, IMO, is the number one driving force behind the hobby: A desire to learn more about something, some place, some time and or some people.

I can answer your question with one word: Research!

Hobby shops, bookstores, the library (if you prefer to rent instead of own...) all have sections devoted to militaria.

I'm not a figure modeler per se, but I've always taken a look at the Osprey "Men At Arms" series whenever I've needed to get some idea of what a particular uniform looked like.

Good Luck

Jay Beckman Chandler, AZ

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Jay Beckman

Darren - I use the Model Master line of paints and they've got a wide range of German WWII colors from which to choose. Field Grey would be my first choice but don't let names of paints limit you. I like to use different shades for different pieces of clothing - slightly darker or lighter for pants or tunic, jacket, what-have-you. You may want to look at the Polly Scale line of acrylics as they'd probably brush on better than Model Master. In the airbrush, Model Master rates well but I can't get them to brush on well for love or money... Don't be afraid to ask more questions! Good luck in the hobby and welcome abaord!

Frank Kranick IPMS/USA 20352

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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.

If they still package them the way they did years ago, the colours on the back of the box (where the assembly instructions are) should give you a fair indication. There's also a good chance that the various bits and pieces lines travelling to them with XF-something at the other end. These XF numbers are the numbers of Tamiya's line of paints. If you're lucky, the place where you bouht the figures also sells these (although I must admit they're not my personal favourites). If you can't or won't use Tamiya paints, there are various lists that will translate the Tamiya numbers into the corresponding numbers in whatever range of paints you prefer. One of the many only charts can be found under 'color charts' here:

formatting link
Be aware that all these colours are indications only. For total accuracy, look at lots of pictures. I wouldn't worry about this sort of thing too much until you get the basic techniques sorted out though.


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