Re: Initial impressions: Trumpeter 1/32 scale F4U-1D Corsair

I saw this kit today for the first time at one of my local hobby shops and had
> a chance to pen the box and look at the parts. Overall, it seems to be nicely
> molded, though the fabric surfaces and stringers are a bit overdone, as seems
> to be a Trumpeter trademark; the surface scribing looks quite fine and petite,
> however. It has a reasonably detailed cockpit with separate sidewall framing
> that you need to glue on. The disappointment in the cockpit area is the floor.
> The kit has the rudder pedal troughs depicted reasonably well but they only
> sit a short distance above a flat floor that is incorrect for the F4U1. I
> suspect the easiest fix would be to not use the flat floor piece at all and
> construct a curved faux lower fuselage from thin plastic with plastruct ribbing
> glued to it. It shouldn't be all that difficult and it could extend up under
> the side panels and be virtually undetectable. I don't know why Trumpeter did
> it this way. It would have been just as easy to make that piece curved with a
> little bit of ribbing detail that to make it flat. Go figure.
> External stores are underwing rockets (I don't remember if there were 4 or 5
> per wing) two bombs and two drop tanks for the underwing pylons. There are two
> rubber tires and what looks like nice clear glazing parts in a separate box
> with a couple small rods and photo etched fret. The control surfaces are
> separate but, in the instructions they call the ailerons flaps and the flaps
> ailerons.....sigh! As I said, the flaps are separate pieces. However, by
> looking at the instructions, it appears there are only parts to mount them to
> the wing in the retracted position; if that's the case, why make them > separate???
> Since I was only able to look at the parts trees in the plastic bags, I can
> make no judgment as to fit or overall accuracy but it looks like it will build
> up into a nice representation of an F4U1-D. At the same time, it seems there
> is some room for the aftermarket guys to do some detail parts. I was tempted
> to buy it (it was the last one they had in the store) but I decided to hold out
> for the F4U-4 release.
I'm a Corsair virgin. Can you please offer some info as to what would be
different enough btwn the two versions to wait for a specific version release?
thx - Craig
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The -4 has a different cowling (intake at the bottom to give it a "chin" & deeper, lower forward fuselage contour. It also has a 4 blade prop. Cockpit layout's different too. No framework at the top of the canopy & a few other smaller changes.
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I wish they had included a -1A style framed canopy in the kit so you could have the option...guess that's one for those aftermarket folks.
Planning to try all of the stuff I'd originally bought for my Revell kit, unless Eduard beats me to it with some kit-specific etch.
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Arrgghh, so ye've never been pillaged then, matey.... Arrgghh, where's me buccanneers?
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Rob Grinberg
On my buccannhead......
Yuk Yuk,,,,couldn't pass it up, sorry.
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