Top Flight Kit#RC21 Corsair Plans

I'm looking for the plans for this kit. I was given the kit (an estate), but the plans were lost. Would be willing to pay for copying and mailing them, if some kind soul would go to the trouble. Can anyone out there help? Thanks Tom

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and scroll down the list. You can download the construction manual for the old RC-21 kit and you should be able to special order the plans from Hobby Services.

From the FAQ at

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: I would like to purchase a copy of the manual and/or plans for my (insert discontinued model here). My dealer has already confirmed you have no more in stock. Is there any way you can help me?

---------------------------------------------- If we no longer stock your manual or plans BUT we still have a file copy, we do offer you a way to replace these vital tools. We can have our office copy of a manual photocopied or send our office copy of plans out for blue line copying for you at a charge of: Manual: $10 plus $5.50 shipping (US) or $13.50 shipping (international).

Plans: $20 plus $7.99 shipping (US) or $13.50 shipping (international). (Note: Items need to be sent out for copying so please allow 4-6 weeks for us to fill requests. Unfortunately, we cannot scan, email or fax these items.)

Please fax us at 217-398-7721 the information requested below including credit card information for payment (Visa/MasterCard), or mail us a check to:

Hobby Services

3002 N. Apollo Drive, Suite #1 Champaign IL 61822

Unfortunately, we are unable to send out via open account (with an invoice) due to our computer system set up.

PLEASE NOTE: We require the following information:

1.. The name of the specific kit (ie. RC-21 Corsair) (as much info as you have if you are not sure of the exact name); 2.. Your mailing and daytime contact information; 3.. Your payment information; and 4.. Your return email address to provide you confirmation of your order. Please note that copied manuals cannot be returned or refunded. If you are unsure the name/make/model # of your kit, please ask for help from fellow modelers to be sure your purchase is correct. Please be sure you provide us the kit # or full kit name when we take an order to copy your manual or plans, as we cannot refund the cost if what you receive is incorrect.


It looks like the plan for the RC-21 is still available, as thay use it as an example here... Gotta admit, it ain't too cheap, tho'....



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