Academy 1/32 F-18 Build Comments Please

found a site that has it for $90.
before I take the dive, can anyone offer comments as to the ease of
construction. I'm going strictly OOB.
Any major problems or hassles that you faced, or is it an easy build.
thx - Craig
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Have a look at my review here
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-good luck- Ted (happy modeller) Taylor
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Gary Taylor
I bought one a few months ago and have not built it as yet. However, all the reviews I have seen on it have been positive.
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check out modelling details at
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best regards Meindert =============
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Very nice work :)
Thanx for sharing !
I have the Hase 1/48 kit, (D model) and your making m want to build it already.... (have a nice art print of the A/C on my wall:)
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