Monogram 1/48 F-106 - Is it going to be reissued?

Does anyone know if Monogram plans to reissue this bird and when? Any
comments from someone who has built it?
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Ivan Pliopas
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It is showing up in the catalog of kits that I use to order for the hobby shop that I work at. I would say in the next couple months. Steve
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Steve Jahn
I'm about to sell one with Black Box cockpit and Aeromaster decals.
Ivan Pli>
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Maybe July but R/M have pushed back several others a month or so, since the first of the year (64 Chevelle SW). I'm sorta in the middle of building one. Wheel wells and missile bays have fairly good relief detail. Compared to the photos on Tracy's (?) site, most of it is OK accuracy. Cockpit is not quite dead on but most of it won't be that easily seen, even with the canopy (2 choices) open. Separate throttle is a bit oversized to me. The seat needs a bit of cleaning up and is pretty good compared to the one on the Injection seat site, considering the age of the mold. The only real bad thing is the molded in belts. I've finished all the detail paint and sub assembly work and ready to start major construction. All the dry fitting went real well and (so far) I don't foresee any problems, except when I get to the missile racks :-) -- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Charles Ryan

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