RM 1:48 F-106?

There was a rumour floating around earlier this year that R-M was going to re-release their old 1:48 scale F-106 this year. Anyone know what happened there?

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The rumor probably started when the Detail & Scale F-106 book was reissued earlier this year. The book had been out of print for a long time and it would make sense to tie its new printing to the reissue of the Monogram F-106 that received a rave kit review in the book itself.

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Nothing official, however here are some signs I've seen that MAY indicate its reissue.

The kit was available in Japan only under the Hasegawa-Monogram label about a year or so ago, and the following kits were reissued in Japan, then were available from R/M in the states about 2 years after the Japanese release:

1/48 F-101 F-102 F-105D (released at same time as US issue) F-105G A-26 B-29 AV-8B 1/72 B-1B

Granted I'm only guessing here, but if the Japanese releases were any indication, the repop in the states of the F-106 is due. Plus, Monogram used to do reissues on roughly a 10 year schedule, and for the Century Series, this was about right, and the F-106 is the only one (outside of the F-104) that's not been reissued.

And probably the other factor helping more than anything is that Aeromaster released a bunch of decal sheets for this kit, and once those become a bit hard to find, the "Modeling Rule of Inverse Availability" will kit in, the rule states: The probablility of the reissue of a kit will increase as the availability of aftermarket parts decreases.


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