1/48 A6

Would like to buy an unassembled 1/48 scale kit of the A6 Intruder. E-mail
at snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net. Does anyone know why no manfacturer is producing this
kit? Especially given the length of time this a/c was inservice.
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cant you alter the Revell/mono kit?
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Keep an eye out for the Monogram/Revell A-6E. It periodically cycles through and is reissued. If you just want something that kinda looks like and A-6 and is sorta kinda 1/48 - 50ish (depending on what you measure) there is also the A-6A from Fujimi (sometimes in a Testors box).
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Charles Jones
I'd avoid the Fujimi at all costs, unless you specifically want an "A" model for the collection. The kit dates from the 70's, raised panel lines and rivets, no gear bay detail, weapons are basic, cockpit needs a scratchbuild or kitbash an aftermarket set. When you're finished with all this, it does look like an A-6A, but it takes a lot of work to get it to look respectable.
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It would be easier to convert the Revell kit than it would be to detail the Fujimi.
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Al Superczynski

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