F-106, 49th FIS Decals

Does anyone out there know of a source for the old Microscale / Superscale 72-092 decal set for 1/72nd F-106, 49th FIS?

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Norm Koger
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It's not easy to find because it's out of print and it doesn't seem to be available on Squadron or Hannants websites. Squadron got all the Superscale stock some years ago and still has 72-091 instead.

Btw, there are some nice 106's decal sheets from expert's choice (Bare Metal), but unfortunately not for the Green Eagles.

You should try looking at local hobby shops: some of them still have lots of old supescale sheets: maybe they have the one you are looking for.

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Unfortunately, it's the green eagles I'm interested in. I served with the 49th FIS 1976-1980. If need be, I'll do some careful masking and paint the things on - but I'd prefer to avoid that.

I've looked around here (Austin, TX). One shop (King Hobby) does still have a nice selection of the older sheets, but not the one I need.

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Norm Koger


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has got the following on special offer for £1.99:

Detail & Scale DSD0448 F-106A Delta Dart (2) 49FIS 1972/1978 styles 90135

1972; 60458 1978; 90127

Assuming that it was 1/48 that you were after...

Should cost about $5 with postage.

Does this help?

Bestest, Matt

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Matt Bacon

The 49th is the unit from Griffis right? If the decals for that unit are all that you want I'm willing to part with some no cost. I have a few of the sheets but only plan to use the 5th FIS fin flashes. Email me at snipped-for-privacy@mnstate.edu.diespammer (remove die spammer) and I'll get them out to you. How many do you need?

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Drew Hill

Patience might be needed, but I think I remember seeing this sheet on Ebay. Check with them every so often (do a search on Microscale 72)

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Pauli G

Thanks guys,


Actually, that's one of the annoying things about this. I have the 1/48th sheet (perfect condition) - got it years ago when I picked up the Monogram kit. But I'm a 1/72nd builder. The only reason I even have a 1/48th scale kit (the only one I have) is the association with the 49th.

I used to have a nice 1/72 49th FIS F-106, but, well, sad story... I always thought I could simply get another kit and decal set and replace it. I didn't realize the decals would be so hard to replace until my interest picked up again this last year. Then the Amodel Tu-128 became available (current project), and that set me to gearing up to finally replace my lost 49th F-106.


If those are 1/72, I may take you up on the offer. Fingers crossed.

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Norm Koger

Over here in the Netherlands, the Luchtvaart Hobby Shop

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lists it as in stock. They do mailorder.


Andre (no business ties with the joint)

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Andre van der Hoek

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