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Hello all, What is the best model of the F-111 in 1/48 scale? Are the Hobbycraft kits are good enought? or i should pick one of the Academy's? I want to build one of them, no matter which model (A,E,F) out of the box without any conversion or detail kit, so i want one with enought detail in the kit itself. Thank you in advance, Danny

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Danny B.
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If past experience is anything to go by, the Hobbycraft and Academy molds are the same, just different decals and box art. For what it's worth, they are the only F-111 in 1/48 scale at this time. Fair kits, cockpits and wheel wells can use work. There are some aftermarket items around for them, consult Meteor Productions or Hannant's, etc.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

From what I've heard (but not actually seen), the Hobbycraft F-111s are reboxes of the Zhengdefu poor-quality copies of the Academy kits. If the price is much lower than the Academy kits, then this is surely the case. Most people avoid the Zhengdefu kits.


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Dave Williams

No there is that damn cheap knock off, forget the name, seen the EA6B hase rippoff and its not even ok for parts.......s**te s**te s**te

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Zhengdefu thats them, avoid even if being given away, 100% no use!

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Hi All,

Here in the land of Oz, the Zhendefu name has been dropped in favour of "Kitech". The kit, box styling and colours remain the same, just the name is different.


"Dave Williams" wrote in news:HIOxb.1613$P7.1064 @bignews6.bellsouth.net:

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Andrew Fraser

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