WTB: 1/48 kits

I am looking for the following and am tired
of getting sniped in the last 2 minutes on ebay
Revell/Monogram 1/48
F-104 C
F-105 D
F-111 A
Hobbycraft 1/48
Bf-109 E-K (Any - Multiples OK)
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Jeff Barringer
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If you're looking for a Hobby Shop that might have them try The Spare Time Shop -- they have a lot of stuff in stock and though I haven't checked their aircraft - building armor now - they have a wall full of aircraft models, see the shop photos..
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Jeff, If your looking for kits to build, IMHO, I'd skip the Monogram A-7 and F-111. These are both retools of original Aurora moldings IIRC and are both bettered by Hasegawa (A-7) and Academy (F-111 series). The F-104C is I think, a pretty good kit, but it has been bettered by a Hasegawa kit, too. Now if you're completing a collection, by all means, carry on. :-)
Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
The 102 and 106 should be still available at your lhs. The others can almost always be found at any show. That is where I found mine, even 2 106s ($15 ea.) a couple years before they brought 'em back out. I was after a Monogram 48 collection.
-- Chuck Ryan snipped-for-privacy@REMOVEearthlink.net Springfield OH
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Charles Ryan
Thanks - Its tough to tell quality level on the R/M pieces, so many different molds, mfgs, over the years. You get something like the F-105 which is a pretty good kit, then open up a Cougar and its yech!.I needed 1 of each for a specific collection but will be getting the later kits for some other projects.
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Jeff Barringer
Thanks to everyone that replied. I got pretty much my whole list for what I budgeted.
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Jeff Barringer
The Cougar is an O-L-D kit! I think it's a late-50's box-scale kit. Don't confuse the Panther kit with this one! Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre

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