Trade my aircraft kits for your armor

Hi guys,
I'm in the process of getting rid of most of my aircraft kits ( I want to
concentrate on building mostly armor kits from now on ). I have the
following kits/accessories that I'd like to trade for 1/35 armor
kits/accessories ( see list at bottom of post for my wants ) :
Academy 1/48 12209 CH-53E Super
Stallion "US Marines" Version.
Arrow Graphics 1/48 C-43-48 Canadian Armed
Forces 24" numbers .
Hasegawa 1/32 ST26 Junkers Ju87D
Hasegawa 1/48 SA5 Junkers
Ju87B-2 Stuka w / Pilot & Mechanic Figures.
Hasegawa 1/48 SP111 SH-3H SeaKing
Hobbycraft 1/48 HC1426 "Snowbirds"
Hobbycraft 1/48 HC1658 CF-105 Arrow.
Italeri 1/12 2991 F-104G
Italeri 1/72
SU-37 Berkut.
Italeri 1/72 1226 EH-101
Monogram 1/48 5471 F-100D Super
Sabre Hi-Tech.
Monogram 1/48 5509 Heinkel He-111
Monogram 1/48 7575 TBD-1
Devastator - includes :

- Eduard 48278 TBD-1 Devastator detail set.

- Squadron In Action book .
MPC 1/72 4552 Avro
Pro-Modeler 1/48 5926 Heinkel
Pro-Modeler 1/48 5948 Junkers
JU-88A4 Bomber
(includes both Squadron In Action books).
Tamiya 1/48 61067 Bristol
Beaufighter TF Mk. X.
Tamiya 1/48 61082
Messerschmitt Me262A-2a w/Kettenkraftrad - includes :
- Eduard 49206 Messerschmitt Me262A color pe set.
Testors-Italeri 1/72 867 Heinkel
He111Z-1 "Zwilling".
Trumpeter 1/32 32202 F-105G
Thunderchief "Wild Weasel" (ordnance and cockpit have
been partially assembled, but not painted) - includes the following :
- Black Box Combat Series CS32015 F-105G
Wild Weasel cockpit set.
- Black Box Combat Series CS32021 F-105D/G Wheel
Well Update Set.
- Eduard 32133 F-105G Thunderchief Exterior Detail Set.
- Eduard 32208 F-105 Thunderchief Armament Detail Set.
- Eduard 32520 F-105G Thunderchief Interior Detail
Set (Color).
- Squadron Walkaround and In Action books .
Trumpeter 1/35 5104 CH-47A
Chinook .
Trumpeter 1/350 A-6E
Intruder & A-7E Corsair II aircraft set.
I'm looking for the following 1/35 specific kits/accessories in trade :
AFV Club or Academy M-10 & M-36 Tank Destroyers.
Friulmodel Pz. III/IV Winterketten (ATL-19).
Friulmodel T-35 tracks (ATL-75).
Modelkasten T-34 Model 1941 (SK-35).
Modelkasten T-26 Light Tank (SK-38).
I will also consider other armor kits/accessories you have to offer in trade
( Tamiya and Dragon kits preferred ).
I'm located in Nova Scotia, Canada. I would prefer to keep trades within
Canada/Continental USA to keep shipping costs down.
Please email me directly at
Thanks for looking !
Simon Dery
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Jan and Simon Dery
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