WTB or Trade: OOP Aeromaster 1/48 decal sheets

I would like to buy (or trade) the following discontinued Aeromaster decal
48-001 Foreign Bf-109
48-082 Recon Birds
48-367 Holloman Phantoms Pt.2
48-424 Fw-190 Butcher Birds Pt. 2
48-439 S.E.A. Hurricanes at War Pt. 1
48-440 S.E.A. Hurricanes at War Pt. 2
48-476 Butcher Birds Pt. X
PA48-02 Gen Werner Molders
Please reply to the newsgroup or to may e-mail snipped-for-privacy@uol.com.br
Ivan Pliopas
Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Ivan Pliopas
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