AeroMaster decal mistake?

I recently received the "Marauding Invaders Pt.1" decals from AeroMaster so
that I can model my RM 1/48 A-26C as a WW2 aircraft. I was rather surprised
that the instructions for the WW2 aircraft has "USAF" going on the right
wing surface. Unless I am wrong, this is clearly a mistake, since the United
States Air Force is a post-war creation. Is anyone aware of any
"precognitive" use of USAF during the war? Now I'm wondering how accurate
the rest of the decals will be for my WW2-era A-26C.
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Go ahead and use the decals, they are very accurate ...except for the USAF markings, put them in the spares box or round file cabinet. One other thing, I can't find my reference right now, but I'm positive the aircraft in '45 were gloss black like the P-61's. Early in the war, flat black was shown to reflect searchlights wereas gloss didn't.
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