Brazilian P-47 decals to swap...

Hi there,

I´m looking for European operated P-47 Thunderbolt decals, in 1/48 scale. I've got decals for Brazilian AF jugs (Italy - 1944/45) to swap in case someone is interested, or I can get decals from other brazilian military aircraft (Mirage III, F-5E, P-36, P-40E/K/M, PBY-5, A-20K, A-26C, B-25, F-80, T-33, Gloster Metor F.8, etc...)

Images of one of my finished models with brazilian decals (1/72) in:

formatting link

Vicente Vazquez São Paulo, Brasil

P.S.: Yes, I know the Neutral Gray undersides of the model seem "bluish", but that's because of the blue paper used as background. :-( P.S.2: Autograph on right wing is that of the aircraft's original pilot in WWII.

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