New Revell 1/48 Ar-234 and Hs-129 - Hasegawa origin or... ?

I need to know what is the origin of new Revell 1/48 kits of
Ar-234C and Hs-129 ? Is that Ar-234 Hasegawa or Hobbycraft or ... ?
How about Hs-129 kit ?
If Revell Ar-234C ( four engines) is actually reboxed Hasegawa Ar-234
is it possible to make Ar-234B (two engines) out of it ?
Thanks in advance,
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through an act of kindness, i know there is a great hobbycraft 234b. beautiful kit with pe available.
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in article, Zac at wrote on 9/8/03 4:10 PM:
The Revell Ar-134C is an all new kit, via Hasegawa, and as far as I remember does not share any major parts with the earlier Hawsegawa Ar-234B. So no, you can't make a B from a C. They were different aircraft anyway.
As for the Hs-129, I assume it's the earlier Hasegawa kit in a RoG box since that has become the custom of R-M of late. (Lucky for us I might add)
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Milton Bell
Okay guys listen up. Revell/Monogram and Hasegawa pooled their resources and developed the AR-234, jointly. Hasegawa released the twin engine version. Revell via the Promodeler division released the 4 engine machine. Now if Revell Germany is releasing a twin or quad engine plane then it is indeed a Hasegawa kit or Revell kit depending on how you view things. BTW they are nice kits.
Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant

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