[REQ] Jaguar, Jaguar, Jaguar !!!

Hello to everybody,
At the request of friends as mad as me of French wings, lover of the
Jaguar, but also with foreign friends, I work for some time on an a
little bit mad project: a resin kit, as most detailed as possible (so
with most possible trapdoors opened, armament, engines if possibly,
etc.) in 1/32 scale. Being given the big scale wished details will be
able to be pushed very far. Purpose is a little bit different from the
"classic" scale modeling where compromises are made compulsory by the
constraints of industrial feasibility: we want exactly to avoid at most
these compromises to keep a strict reduction of the original
This project, been born from an a little bit delirious bet, became now
very serious and all we wish to see it succeeding. I look so for the
maximum of documentation (plans, photos, etc.) of French Jaguar (mono
and two-seater, two versions have followers in the gang), but also on
the English versions to be able to study the feasibility to include the
specific parts in these versions at more. All the markings are
naturally so very important...
EVERYTHING interests me, really EVERYTHING on the subject. To note:
these documents are not intended for the publication, and can so not be
books articles or other documents.
Thank you very much of your help.
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