1/72 Hasegawa and Fujimi F-14A Parts Needed.

In the event any of you out there have 1/72 Hasegawa or Fujimi "Donor" kits
and happen to have any of the parts listed below, please get in touch with me
as I'm in need of the following parts:
Hasegawa F-14A Parts:
Part(s) Needed from Kit K37 F14A 'Pacific Fleet Squadrons'
C7 x 1 (left flap)
C10 x 1 (lower 1/2 right wing)
Part(s) Needed from Kit K39 F14A Tomcat 'Wolf Pack'
P1 x 1 (canopy)
P4 x 1 (windscreen)
B11 x 1 (lower rear fuselage)
F7 x 1 (nozzle half)
B10 and B12 (right and left forward fuselage pieces)
Part(s) Needed from Kit SP14 F14A 'USS John F Kennedy Fighter Squadrons'
E29 x 1
E16 x 2
C17 x 1
C18 x 1
C19 x 1
C20 x 1
C21 x 1
D4 and D5 (right and left upper wing pieces)
E9 and E10 (right and left lower wing pieces)
E7 and E8 (flaps.)
E11 and E12 (slats)
Part(s) Needed from Fujimi F-14A:
C 32 x 1
C 39 x 1
A 3 x 1
A 4 x 1
I'll gladly pay what you feel is fair compensation for any or all of the above
listed parts. Please email me if you can be of assistance.
Thanks in advance for your time,
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