Fujimi 1/72 F-14D accuracy?

I just got the new OIF boxing of Fujimi's F-14D Tomcat in 1/72 scale. I
had read (in the FineScale Modeler F-14 kit roundup some months back, and
elsewhere) that this kit was an accurate representation of the D version,
but I have my doubts. The bang seats and instrument panels are clearly of
the A type. Also, there is no difference in the rear fuselage between the D
and A version Fujimi kits I have, just different nozzles. In contrast, the
Hasegawa kit has these little extension parts for the rear fuselage that
blend smoothly into the new nozzles. So what's going on:
Did I have bad info on the accuracy of the kit?
Were earlier boxings of the kit accurate, and this one isn't?
Or am I just nuts, and that's what the fuselage is supposed to look
The kit appears to include all of the parts to make a mid-to-late F-14A
if the D version is no good, so all is not lost, but I'm still disappointed
(since I ordered two kits). Any thoughts?
P.S. If I wanted to make an F-14B, is that basically a late F-14A in front
and an F-14D in back?
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David Graf
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Having done a bit of Tomcat research lately...
1) It sounds like your cockpits are definately wrong. 2) It sounds like the aft end is missing parts/wrong for a true D. 3) there IS a difference in the afterbody between the A and the D. The A+/B are identical except for the engines/fairings - at least this is what F-14 pilots/RIOs have told me, and I have seen in pictures. So - if you want to make a "good" A+/B, you are still missing the required parts for the engine fairings. 4) Yes - you want the D type, NACA gun gas purge inlets on the forward fuselage vice the screened type to build a "good" A+/B.
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The B cockpit is basically the same as the A, unless it has the LANTIRN stuff added, right? The Fujimi D kit includes the NACA gun vents, on a complete extra forward fuselage half, as opposed to the inserts of the Hasegawa kit. It looks like everything else is in the kit for a late F-14A. Upon further inspection of the kit, the sprue with the engines on it includes what looks like the 'missing' adapters for the rear fuselage, as well as revised horizontal stabilizers. I also see that the intake trunks have a heavy scribed line on the inside surface, toward the rear, as if the end of the trunk is meant to be easily cut off. However, these parts are not mentioned in the instructions. If anyone has an earlier issue of the kit, do the instructions show the use of these parts? Curiouser and curiouser...
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David Graf
I have yet to find a good picture of the aft cocpit of a LANTIRN equipped A+/D. From what the RIOs have been telling me, the LANTIRN controller was/is not always placed in the same position in the left hand console - the first installation interfered with the ability to access the command eject handle, and so the position was re-arranged.
A pointer to a good picure (if anyone has one) would be appreciated.
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