72nd F-14 question

Okay, I've built the newest generation Hasagawa F-14A, but I want to build a
bunch and the Hasa kit is a bit too fiddly and a little too expensive to buy
in mass quantities. I know the Italeri kit has some problems (is the Revell
of Germany a reissue of this?) and the Airfix kit is of an early prototype.
I've got a couple of the 2nd generation Hasa that are affordable but the
interior stinks. I've never seen the ESCI/AMT versions- is there also an
Academy one or is it a copy of the Hasa? I've searched the net and can't
find many kit build reviews, which surprises me. If you guys were going to
build several, what kit would you use? Thanks.
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D. Duck
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Try these; they may give you some idea:
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It's pretty much the same with me...
But I have tried almost all available F-14's except Airfix/Heller kit, and Hasegawa and Fujimi kits are THE best (full of details, finely engraved lines)...
Old ESCI is nice kit, but it has "crudely" engraved panel lines.
About Revell's new F-14D you can find something here:
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Tomislav Martan 9A4Tc
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(On-line at last...)
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Duke Nukem
The Old ESCI F-14's canopy is distractingly bulbous. It is just to "tall" and makes the whole kit look funny. A replacement canopy may fix this.
My $0.02
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If you can find them then the Fujimi kit is IMHO the best all-round kit, easier to build than the Hasegawa and only a smidgen less detailed.
They used to be hard to find but Fujimi are re-releasing several of their aircraft kits right now.
Happy modelling Ant
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Ant Phillips

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