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Hello All

I'm coming back to the hobby after an absence of about 30 odd years and one of the first kits I'm building is the Academy 1/48 F-14A.

The bad news is I've lost the rear cockpit instrument panel and joystick. The kit's been sitting in my cupboard for years and obviously these pieces got mislaid.

I believe that true details had a cockpit available for this kit, but I guess it's no longer available because I can't find it anywhere.

Are there any others that would fit the Academy kit?

How difficult would it be to use the Aries one made for the Hasegawa kit or the true details one made for the Monogram kit.

PS. no-one would by chance have the two pieces off the Academy kit that I've lost.

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you could try writing to the company that as far as i recall is Academy's distributor in the UK. their name and address are typed below. i have had to ask them only once before for a replacement part and they were quite prompt about sending it back to me even though i said that i had lost the part concerned.

Toyway Unit 20 Jubilee Trade Centre Jubilee Road Letchworth Herts. SG6 1SP

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