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A little off topic but I think Trek modelers will appreciate knowing whats going on.......

The first model I ever built was the old AMT kit of the Enterprise. I know I am not alone on this especially if your in my age group. I remember the lighted kit even. I used to bring my built kits into show and tell in elementary school. Star Trek got me into modeling. Always a thrill as a child to see new Star Trek kit on the shelf and inspect the parts on the way home in the car because I -just couldnt wait-. Happy memorys.

The Star Trek franchise has spawned dozens of successful popular model kits over decades and no doubt brought many into the hobby.

Polar Lights produced a huge NX-01 recently.

The sad news that Star Trek Enteprise has been cancelled was not unforseen but still truly unfortunate as this latest season the show has improved considerably.

A large fan campaign has been started to save Enterprise. Funding BY fans for a fifth season has raised nearly 3.1 million dollars so far. This has never happened before in entertainment history. It is a serious effort and not just a bunch of "trekkies" hiding from lifes challenges.

Major contributers were entrepreneurs from the commerical aerospace field. These are the same people that make things like SpaceShipOne happen. Doers and achievers. People who are inspired by a positive vision of tomorrows tomorrow.

Some of the reasons they feel strongly about it.....

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"Enterprise needs to be renewed, for the sake of fan loyalty, for being quality TV, for bringing imagination and hope for a better future to our homes, but over all that, for inspiring us so strongly that we have fought all our adult lives to bring that future closer to our children and to us."

If your a fan and agree with the above sentiment. Please come and visit and join the campaign. Thanks for looking.

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While I am a Star Trek fan, I do believe Enterprise was the poorest of all the ST series. I would accept the loss of the show if there were follow-ons, especially a higher quality series.

Don't get me wrong- I watch Enterprise, and it isn't bad in my estimation- just that it does not meet quality of NG or Voyager in my estimation. I would watch another series like Enterprise, but would like a somewhat better series.

I th> A little off topic but I think Trek modelers will appreciate knowing

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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis







BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. They were trying to clone generations. One example the babe vulcan. They were trying to replace 7 of 9.

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Good luck. UPN has already sterted to disrespect the show overtly. Last night they didn't even show a re-run. They put some crummy 'reality' re-run on. Once Enterprise is completely gone I'll probably never use that channel again.

Bill Banaszak, MFE

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Mad Modeller

Agreed, UPN sucks. Its all I watch there too. They do not know how to market and handle the franchise nor does it fit in with anything else the are doing. Many shows have migrated to other networks successfully however. I see no reason why Enterprise cannot do so also. With 3.1 million dollars raised so far no one knows whats going to happen. Its uncharted waters. Paramount has talked to TrekUnited, which is now a corporation legally, and a Spike TV representative has said in regard to picking up Enterprise that they would "definitely take a look at it".

Until I hear the sets are being destroyed and Scott Bakula and Mannie Coto are saying its done and done. Ill keep trying to spread the word.

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the Future

This "trailer" is really cool..........

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