Star Trek was a BBC TV show ?

unless my eyes are really bad, the box art says that Star Trek was a BBC TV show.

Did Aurora have different box art for different countries? the auction makes no reference to this kit being from any specific place...

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It was broadcast by many TV networks. BBC was not involved in the production of this series. Roddenberry pitched this show to NBC. NBC liked it and commissioned a seccond pilot. Paramount studios made and NBC broadcast this series.

Dave M.

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David Martel

If only you had found an old AMT Enterprise box to compare, I think the phrase on it was a more modest "As seen on NBC-TV." Which could have added to your confusion.

(Also, I think Aurora only had the foreign rights to Star Trek, AMT traded them a mold for the Enterprise to bring this kit out in the US, well after Star Trek was canceled.)

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Jack Bohn

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Gerald Owens

To add insult, the BBC initially turned the series down on the grounds of cost and only eventually agreed to purchase it after the series had already finished its three year run in the USA. The first episode wasn't shown in the UK until 1969.


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The deal was that Aurora would distribute the kits in England and would do the Mr. Spock kit for AMT.


Musicman59 wrote:

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Vernon Clark

I could mention here that Round 2 has plans to re-release the Mr.Spock and Snake kit.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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William Banaszak

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