Polar Light Star Trek Scorpion

Okay, I was at the local Media Play today looking for DVDs and I
happened on this model in their "goodies" section.
Its the Romulan "Scorpion" short-range space fighter as seen in "Star
Trek: Nemesis".
It appears to be 1:35 scale (scale is unstated) because of two figures,
Data and Picard included in the kit (and visible in a clear window
through the box-top)
I haven't opened the kit as yet, but the box photos appear to be pretty
close to the craft shown in the movie; is anyone familiar with it?
Also, what is Polar Lights thinking about in this release? This movie
was out two years ago and has already been on television (okay, premium
channels like HBO 8-D> ). Do they plan on any more? Maybe the NX-01
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I agree. The scorpion was about the last thing I wanted to see in kit form! I liked the Romulan cruisers that came to Picards rescue much more. It would be great to have one of those in approximately the same scale as the monogram ncc-1701E. Even the Delta Flyer from Voyager is more interesting than the scorpion.
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