New Polar Lights 1/350 refit Enterprise

I was just cruising around over at Starship Modeler to check out their Hobby News

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***************************EXCITING NEWS FROM POLAR LIGHTS!

Dave Metzner, the brand manager at Polar Lights, has confirmed that PL is doing a 1/350 scale refit Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

According to Dave: "It will be a skill level 3 glue kit. It is planned as Enterprise NCC-1701 as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Technically that would be the refit Enterprise not Enterprise A, although for all practical purposes they are the same shooting model with a few minor tweaks. Plans are for 4th quarter 2004 release. Price is announced @ 59.99 retail. I do not have any pictures of a mock-up or test shot yet. Won't have anything for about 90 days or so on a mock-up. If we're really lucky we may have mock-up photos and box art in time for Wonderfest. That's not a promise just a possibility!"

For more information, please keep an eye on the Polar Lights website.


Man, I can hardly wait!

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Casey Tompkins
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At that scale it's going to be about 34" with a 16" primary hull and 17" nacelles. Freakishly huge! I can certainly see the 3rd party folks drooling and gearing up for a real frenzy with this one. Nearly infinite potential to super-detail. At that price, I'm pretty certain I'll be buying it. Still, I'd like to see PL do a high quality Klingon K'Tinga in the same scale. Actually, looking at old production photos of Matt Jeffries holding the original TOS Klingon ship, isn't 1/350 about the scale of that shooting miniature?

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T. Forward

Man, is it really gonna be that big? I'm droolin', but also wondering where I'm gonna keep it!

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Mike (ODO)

Yeah, at $60 US, I'll get one, too. I wonder what they'll be in Canada. You're right, a large K'Tinga would be awesome!

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Sounds like you Sci-Fi modellers are now going to be in the same situation as us aircraft modellers who go in for large aircraft. A 1/72 scale B-52 is definitely a storage challenge, not to mention Monogram;s recently re-released 1/48 scale B-29. Good time to be a contractor selling add-on room for the house??

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

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was posted last week but the thread died from disinterest. Playing Mantis' diecast division Johnny Lightning is gonna release some ships too including a 1/1000 Romulan BOP. Anyhow I heard the 1/1000 Klingon ship is already appearing in some hobby shops. Fellow trekkers live long and prosper.

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Going through my Star Trek technical manuals, the 1701 Refit/1701-A is

1053.1' long, 485.6' wide, 252.6' high. That would make the 1/350 model 36.1" L x 16.6" W x 8.7" H. Pretty comparable to the Tamiya 1/350 CVN USS Enterprise.


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Arrgh. Halfway through the reply, and absently-minded hit ^S.

Don't know if Agent will send that as a post or not, so I'll start over.

Your questions got me curious, and I couldn't find my sources over here. The first place I stopped was at Starship Modelers' list for all known Trek ship models at

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but that *only* showed scales.

So I did some googling. TOS Enterprise came up as: Length: 288 m (947 ft) (944.93) Diameter, saucer: 127 m (417 ft) (416.69) Length, engine pods: 153 m (504 ft) (501.99) Diameter, engine pods: 18 m (60 ft) Length, secondary hull: 103 m (340 ft) (337.94)

The first number in parenthesis was the provided measurement in feet, while the second was calculated feet from the provided measurement in meters. Since TOS Enterprise was actually 947 feet long, the proper length would be 288.63 meters. :)

Aside from length, I had trouble finding various numbers as above for other versions of the saucer, nacelles, etc. Just for laughs I did a quick'n'dirty spreadsheet to figure the above conversion to actual feet, then to ", then to various indicated scales.

Length in Length in scale " Model meters feet " 1/650 1/537 1/500 1/350 1/260 TOS 288.63 947.00 11,364 17.48 21.16 22.73 32.47 43.71 Saucer 127.00 416.69 5,000 7.69 9.31 10.00 14.29 19.23

2ndary 103.00 337.94 4,055 6.24 7.55 8.11 11.59 15.60 Nacelles 153.00 501.99 6,024 9.27 11.22 12.05 17.21 23.17 A 305.00 1,000.71 12,008 18.47 22.36 24.02 34.31 46.19 B 457.00 1,499.42 17,993 27.68 33.51 35.99 51.41 69.20 C 525.00 1,722.53 20,670 31.80 38.49 41.34 59.06 79.50 D 641.00 2,103.12 25,237 38.83 47.00 50.47 72.11 97.07 E 685.00 2,247.49 26,970 41.49 50.22 53.94 77.06 103.73

For those who collect this sort of data: 1/650 is the old AMT TOS kit,

1/537 is the AMT TMP kit, 1/500 is the TOS Cutaway, and 1/260 is the Northstar Kit. (buildup review here:
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I recall that the Polar Lights NX-01 is also 1/350. Yes, I would love to have a K'tinga at that scale!!

As for the Jeffries photo (for those who haven't seen it

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'd say it's about 1/350. At least, I laid out & measured my TOS kit, which came out to about 13.625" long, which scales up just over 25".

And please, God do NOT let Polar Lights include those horrible raised panels on their Klingon cruisers!

By the way, does anyone have any relatively "hard" data on later class Enterprise measurements, besides the lenghts I quoted earlier?

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Casey Tompkins

Which is only right as that was the source for the 1701's size :)


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Dominique Durocher

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