Trumpeter 1/350 Lexington description question

Squadron description says its in a pre Coral Sea configuration.
The Great Models ad in FSM says its the May 1942 config.
What was so different in its config inside of a month to make such
descriptions necessary? Comes with and without torpedo/bomb holes?
thx - Craig
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8" turrets and quad 1.1's.....
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Could someone tell me if this Kit is the same as the Enterprise Class that dates from the same time frame. And if it is Not exactly the same are there any parts to make it look more like the Enterprise.
My questions are so that I could have an Enterprise to show line of progression all the way up to the Enterprise for Star Trek. One of the lines in Star Trek the Motion Picture happens in the crew recreation area of the Ship , it shows a very long wall and the Commander says "All of these Ships were named Enterprise".
Then you see all the Ships that bore the name from Sails on up to their present.
( Very very impressive to say the least )
There was a Wooden Ship that had the name Enterprise as well. Is there a model of that Ship that exists as well or one that could be made to look like it did. I think it was a Ship in the British Navy one which had HMS in the Name. Does anybody out there know anything that can help.......
Thanks very much
... Carl ..........
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cyberborg 4000
The current USS Enterprise (CVN65) has a mural on one of the hanger bay fire doors that shows all the Enterprise named ships over the years. Perhaps this is what you are thinking of.
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Norm Filer
: Could someone tell me if this Kit is the same as the Enterprise Class : that dates from the same time frame. And if it is Not exactly the same : are there any parts to make it look more like the Enterprise. : CV-2 and CV-3 were based on post WW-I battlecruiser hulls that would have otherwise been scrapped due to tonnage limites in the, I believe, Washington Naval Treaty. However, a provision in the treaty allowed them to be converted to aircraft carriers, and not counted against the tonnage limits.
CV-6 (USS Enterprise) was a member of the YORKTOWN class, and as such is a sister to the USS Hornet, a kit that Trumpeter does offer. However, there are significant differences between the two vessels. If you want to convert USS Hornet to USS Enterprise, you will need the conversion kit that Nautilius Models offers:
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Bruce Burden
No, it is a Lexington class ship while CV-6 Enterprise was a Yorktown class.
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The Lexington resembles Enterprise only in that they both were carriers. You'd be better off digging up one of the Hornet kits as they're closer in time frame. I'm not sufficiently ship-knowledgable to say whether they were sister ships or not.
I really can't help with sailing vessels.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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I am under the impression that the Lexington kit is the first Lex, the one sunk at Coral Sea.
That carrier and its sister ship Saratoga were unique, and definitely not of the Enterprise class. The Lex and Saratoga actually started out to be battlecruisers. The Washington naval conference set a quota on battleships and battlecruisers, but at that time no limit on carriers, and the ships were converted to carriers. They were the biggest and baddest of carriers going into WW2.
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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
Here is a quick history:
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