ARM: Review - 1/35 scale Sherman III DV

Kit Review: 1/35 scale Kit No. 39 (Dragon Models
Limited 1/35 Scale =9139-=9145 Kit No. 6527; Sherman Mk. III DV Initial
Production - Smart Kit; 398 parts (274 in grey styrene, 100 etched
brass, 23 clear styrene, 1 length of twisted steel wire); estimated
price US$50.50
Advantages: newly molded hull for this variant; nicely done suspension
with T41 tracks
Disadvantages: brass sand shields and =93sunshield=94 racks require a lot
of =93origami=94 for assembly
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all Commonwealth armour fans
DML has now released a third early model Commonwealth Sherman in the
form of a Initial Production Sherman III with a direct vision hull, M3
style suspension, three-piece transmission cover, and T41 reversible
tracks. This follows on their Early Sherman III (6313) and Mid
Production Sherman III (6231) kits, but as it has the direct vision
hull should not engender some of the snarls about the driver=92s and co-
driver=92s =93pulpits=94 that the other kits did.
The new hull provides the same beautifully done weld beads and
welding marks on the hull proper as other recent Sherman kits. This
kit now also sports a more accurate set of engine access doors (the
grilled ones on the engine deck) with 24 grille bars.
Once again there are minor or major tweaks to several of the kit
sprues for this model as well as =93gated=94 work to reduce the number of
unusable (e.g. spare) parts. Most of the bits here are familiar to
Sherman fans over the last three or four years, such as the low bustle
turret with a choice of M34 mount without =93ears=94, M34 mount with
=93ears=94, add-on armor protection for the coaxial machine gun with the
M34 mount, or the M34A1 mount. From the box art the correct choice for
this particular variant is the M34 with =93ears=94and supplemental armor.
This kit does come with their new mold M2HB machine gun for the
commander=92s cupola, so they are listening.
But this kit uses the new M3/M4 type suspension, so many of the
=93missing=94 parts are the standard VVSS suspension bits. It also comes
with two transmission covers but the correct one here is the =93three-
piece=94 and not the =93soft-nose=94 cast one. Note that in Step 5 there ar=
a number of mounting holes inside the hull which need to be drilled
out for mounting the tools and OVM on the rear of the tank. The bolt
pattern, as with previous M4A2 hulls, is pre-painted on the stern
plate for easy location and attachment of the chosen parts. These are
etched brass but two different patterns are provided for in the
This kit comes with full sand shields and fenders from etched brass,
as well as the =93sun shield=94 deception mounts cum equipment attachment
racks. These are somewhat tricky and will probably take a combination
of soldering and ACC cement to look right when installed. New design
headlight guards (e.g. easier to fold and install) and fender
components as well as the commander=92s =93blade=94 sight are provided but
not tie-downs or tool straps.
Unlike past Commonwealth kits, as noted this one does not provide the
WE210 type =93Double I=94 pattern tracks but the early production T41
=93reversible=94 tracks which were quickly replaced. They are packed flat
and not protected, but the ones in the review sample suffered no ill
effects to the guide teeth.
Again, finishing directions and markings are included for but ONE
tanks: COCKY from first the 41st RTR, 24th Armoured Brgiade at El
Alamein and then a month later when it was part of C Squadron, the
Royal Scots Greys, Honey Hill, December 1942. Either one is quite
colorful and are backed by a nice set of Cartograf decals.
Overall, if you are a fanatic Shermanoholic this is a must kit. It
also is a nice =93one off=94 for the Commonwealth fans for a change.
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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