PL next 1/350 Trek 1701-A

If there are some Trek modelers left out there, the next 1/350 kit will be of the refit from the first movie series. Two distributors already list it although no official confirmation from Polar Lights as yet.

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Dave Metzner of PL just confirmed this rumor over at CultTVMan's webboard:

"Yes the 1:350th scale Refit Enterprise kit is coming, Yes it is a 4th quarter 2004 item. Yes it is planned @ 59.99 Suggested Retai price.

No I do not have photos yet. The kit only exists as about 17 pages of drawings and some Chris White box art roughs today. Mocking this up will take a minimum of 90-100 days. With some good luck we may have mock-up photos in time for Wonderfest. Please disregard any rumors regarding details of the kit at this time Please do not spend a lot of time speculating.

I promise that will share details with you as they become available.

As I've said on our own BB plans drawn on paper have a nasty way of changing in the harsh light of production costs.

Please beleive me, we will do our best to give you the most kit possible for the dollar. I'm sure it will be an impressive model when it is done.

We are a LONG way from having a completed product at this date, I will try to provide updates for you all as soon as I can.

Dave Metzner Brand Manager Polar Lights"

FWIW, a 1/350 Refit-E would scale up to 34" in length, with a saucer diameter of 17." Great news for sci-fi models geeks! (what few are left in here.) :-)


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